And you hate me for it.

You know what, you think you can piss me off wit saying such things to me but I am really thankful for people like you. Because you remind me of how lucky I am. And you hate me for that. But I guess I can't blame you. I guess I really am one lucky biatch. You're helping me realize that I am very fortunate for the life that I have. :D I owe that to you...thanks. Please don't stop tagging. :D And don't worry, I won't hesitate being your friend.

Anyways... Baby and I are still...currently...at the moment...presently have been mastering the art of OPEN COMMUNICATION. :D hehe..we both have been so open-minded about things.

TO GO OR NOT TO GO....Darn I really wanna see Tim Yap in the flesh...

Hehe...I know I failed the Compjourn exam... Just done takin it. I'm at JFH208 right now... :D

Well, C'est La vie!! :D

Okay, gots ta go now...

Baby, I love you soooo much! :D And in fairness ta my hubby... he looked really good last night. ionno. :D hehe. I guess that's how it is...when you're crazy in love wit someone you just... aahh.. It's unexplainable. :D