An insight on what's ta come. God willing.

Ever since I was a kid, I always participated in school programs. Probably it was the inner me that was uber-in love wit the limelight.

And I still am.

I have dreams of becoming...Gawd, as nakakahiya as it seems, and most of you might think that I don't have what it takes, I'd really want to become a model. Or an artista , maybe. Who knows?

Yesterday was our first exposure trip ever, ta ABS-CBN where we first watched Good Morning Kris, and it was an incredible experience to see how it all works. And I know being in that industry isn't easy, but when you get there, *whew*.. :D

Let's's a list of the people we all got ta see:

1.) Kris Aquino (LOVE her. She's my third degree couz by the way, but I bet she doesn't know that. :D we're far relatives.)

2.) Mikee Jaworksi ( she looked soooo pretty..)

3.) Archie (from Wazzup Wazzup)

4.) Heart Evangelista ( saw her for the 3rd time...)

5.) Geoff Eigenmann (eeek! :D)

6.) Jolo Revilla

7.) Lookah (her name's Jaja, also from Wazzup Wazzup)

8.) Anime ( they were all in one dressing room..cute. :) )

9.) Pinky Webb

10.) Inno Sotto

11.) JC Parker

12.) Camille Pratts (pretty!!!)

13.) Luke Mejares (who, after I took a shot of him wit my phone, he was like, "Oi! akin nalang fone mo!" and we both laughed.Haha. Cute. Love him. :D )

14.) Jodi Sta. Maria (was intimidated by her...)

15.) Jeffrey Hidalgo

16.) Beth Tamayo

17.) Melissa (from SCQ)

We've only been ta a few studios, but probably one that I won't forget was seeing the set of GAME K N B? Yep, it's coming back. We all saw it before it could be seen on National Television! :D

Sayang lang coz I din't get ta see Drew Arellano, Iya and Lucky.

It was one helluva trip. And it just encouraged me more ta...just fulfill whatever dreams I have in life. Hey, these people made it ta where they are right now. Who were they before they started? Just like us. Though I know they might be richer, but...they're just like us. I bet y'all know what I'm talking about.

Kei...gots ta go.

There's more ta say... :D