And I love it.

Whew! It's been a LOONG week, I haven't gone home in 3 damn weeks! But it's okay, cause those freakin times I didn't, Baby wus just right in front of me and we'd spend forever talking to each other by his window. :D

We were temporarily insane this one time. :)

Baby and I are actually chatting right now. :D Wow, our first chat ever...kewl! :D

Gosh, I actually thought all those tagboard monsters were burned in hell but they just never seem ta run out of those, eh? hehe. I bet there's more from where they came from, but... Nah. Why should I even start talking about things that don't even matter? And besides, they're the ones who came doing all these rah-rah-I-wanna-kick-your-ass-when-I-see-you-bitch things, right? Like what I've been saying OVER and OVER and OVER... "Geez! I know I'm not doing anything wrong, and if you have anything against me, It's not my problem"...

And if this has something to do about my your heart out, honey. He's all mine... :)

Anyways, about the title... I'm talking about the *kilig* moments... :D Yeah, they just keep coming...

D'ya all know what my Baby gave me for our 7th monthsary? A Hello Kitty parker pen and it has ABBIDREW engraved on it! :D made me melt... :D He gave me a card, too. And it said that he thought of giving me a pen ta encourage me ta study make me think of OUR future.... :D Isn't that the sweetest thing? :)

Howie's inviting me ta join him ta the MTV STYLE AWARDS! Ohmygawd! Who wants ta miss such a party? But I'll hafta see... make paalam ta my Baby if he lets me. I really wanna go, tho. I mean... it's sorta like... WOW... and I wanna see TIM YAP in the flesh! I'll just keep mah fingerz crossed. :D

So much fer today...

Gots ta roll... :D


Belated Happy Monthsary ta Len and Mark... :)