Hell yeah. This is what I'm talking about. Finally "Le Maquette" is living up to it's own name. This is it!

My blog is now in hues of Black, Gold, White and Pink. What an odd combination. But even if it's classy ta look at, I don't want people to miss my kikay side. This blog is ME. And this is what I was born to do.

It's still not done yet, though. I still have to crop those pictures in pink. And fix the banner template. And put pictures of me in black in white, set-up in the 60's. Pearls. Red Lipstick. Preppy Skirts and Cardigans or a Tube Dress. Brooches. Oooh! *glares*...

But so far, it's all good. Couldn't believe I did this all in a day. Hehe.

Mmm... aside from all this...

I have again, fallen into another Emotional Pit. Yes, another Emotional blackhole. It sucked me in for no reason. I'm guessing it's because of my lack of sleep. I have not been feeling well. *grins*

You know those days when you just feel depressed all of a sudden... for NO reason at all? Yeah...I got that today. Jeez. But I know it'll pass. Caloi told me so.

Choel, Caloi, Marvin... you guys... thanks for calling me up! :D I missed talking to you guys, too....Mmm. *smiles*

Ohkay, gots ta roll...get some rest...