…come join the club.

Okay, please. Before you make those eyebrows meet, it’s not what you’re thinking.

I just got this invitation in Friendster from one of those “groups”. But this one, was a group for women who’s had Anal Sex. Okay, I’ma say this. For those of you whose had anal sex, I am not saying anything against you guys, but…ME? ANAL - Oh please.

I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel getting such an invite. Probably if you “look at the bright side” (is there?) they must’ve thought of me as this hot chick, and that I’ve probably “gotten it on”, but HELL NO! Hey, even if I’m a liberal chick, I won’t join. What would people think of me then? I would join for kicks if I knew everyone at friendster, and they know that I’m not that type of chick and I’d join in just for fun, but nooo. They don’t. And besides, not everyone would find that respectable. People who know me all too well would describe me as someone who can be green minded, but I don’t go too far, FYI. I’m just open wit my guyfriends mostly, about “green stuff”. Haha. My boyfriend and I even joke about stuff like that.

Another thing that struck me was when I checked it out and found this pretty girl's picture, and it looked like it was pirated too, since the face doesn't really fit the way she describes herself.

Anyway, if you’re one of those who’s part of this…group, then, my hat’s off to you for having such guts. You’re the bomb! ;p I totally have nothing against other people who is part of it, and who has done it.

All I’m saying is, I’m not that type. Point taken? Hope so.


I miss everyone at school. I miss my dorm. I miss my dorm mates. I miss eating out everyday. I miss JFH. I miss the "people of MPR". I miss my Baby. I miss my classmates. Grr. I wanna get out of here.


That my picture was pirated, was when I typed the friendster address, it opened up to Alexandra's account. REALLY. It was really weird. It's like I had ta check everything from her messages, and the thing is...I WAS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY stupid not to delete MY picture from her account! I just went to view her profile, looked for her email address, LOGGED-OUT (STUPID ME!) and logged-in to my account, and searched for her...and VOILA. I found my picture there. Ohwell... I might as will follow Honey's advice. I tried talking to her already.. I mean, I sent her a message... still no reply.

That bitch is gonna pay. BIG TIME.


Really. What is it about them that just makes us...boil? It's an issue I would really want to talk about. It kinda excites me, 'cause I really, really have a lot to share on this topic.

We just can't get if off us, can we? Or that could just depend on the kind of ex our current boyfriend had.

It's so hard to deal with the bitchy type of ex. Make that the bitchy/slutty type of ex girlfriend. If she's outta her head she'd make a way to reach you and make up stories about her and your boyfriend, how they got all nasty and shit. She probably still wants YOUR guy, so she's doing everything in her will to break the two of you up. Please. Don't be a victim.

There are exes who has agreed to them being friends. And of course, your guy would believe that. So he wouldn't mind if they would text 'as friends'. But little did you know, SHE has this hidden agenda. She could try ta get him to like her again by being this sweet friend of his. Ugh. Pathetic.Girls and their dirrrty little secrets. Though I don't do this to my ex, 'cause I've been through enough time of moving on, in which I did. And we both are currently happy with our lovelives. It's good to have him as a friend now. At least we still ended up as good friends, ryt?

There are exes who'd make friends with you. Wow. Now this is sooo weird. Although it still depends on the kind of ex your guy had. Some are open with it. But believe me. Girls can tell. We have this 6th sense. Who's a bitch, and who's a bigger bitch? It's so easy to tell. Although we aren't always right, we can tell. 90% of the time. Guys are just too blind to see that, I guess. Anyway, his ex could be friends with you for two reasons : She really just want to be friends with you or She wants to be in YOUR shoes. (again) Okay, even if you're the nicest person on earth... making this move is a BIG decision. The best thing to do, is stay out of it. Enough said.

Exes who'd still say "I LOVE YOU" on testimos. MAN, that has got to suck. Really. Okay, we all know that they were a part of your man's life, but that's just exactly the point. WERE. She should try putting herself in your shoes. I'm sure she'd want to take the eyeballs out of his exe's sockets ala Uma Thurman in Kill Bill 2.

Ugh. Exes could be bitches, believe me. Just to get your guy back. And if they ever appear in your lives ( God forbid )... Simple. Drop the I'm-Ms.-Nice-Girl act, and kick the living hell out of her.

JOKE! Although, you CAN do that if she gets on your nerves. :)

Talk to your guy about it. NICELY. And then kick the living hell out of them.

Okay, Okay. I'll calm down. It's just that I really do hate the idea of other girls messing wit my man. That includes ex girlfriends. Sure, they can be friends. As long as they take out the sweet attitude. Because that would really mean something else.