This entry is about "saying what's in mind". Most of them are nonsense, I mean give me a break you guys, I don't have a life lately. Thus resulting to most days spent in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking of the most nonsense things. You couldn't even imagine. Time is wasted on daydreaming ,hang-overs (the ones you get from sleeping too much), and channel surfing. And due to the remote control's busted batteries, I get so lazy getting up and channel surfing manually, I get stuck into one channel : MTV. And thanks to MTV, I finally get a better LSS. It's better than Jumbo Hotdog being sang by Franco. Whew. So, if you have a life just like mine, don't read this. GO BACK TO BED!


Jojo feat. Bow Wow

Can somebody explain to me

Why everbody is tryin' to be livin' like a celebrity

Doin' what they see on MTV

Ice is cool but I'm looking for more

Simple things is what my heart beats for (cause that's me)I

don't ask for much (baby)

Having you is enough[chorus]

You ain't got to buy nothin'(it's not what I want)

Baby it's you

We don't have to go nowhere(it's not what I want)

Baby it's youIt's not 'bout what you got

I know you got a lot

No matter what you do, you always get it hot, it's you (it's you)

Baby all I want is you

It don't matter that your car is fly

And your rims are spinnin' on the side and

It don't matter where we go tonight

Cause if I'm with you

I'll be all right

That's cool, but I'm lookin' for more

It's your love that my heart beats for (cause that's me)

You don't have to spend a dime (baby)

I just want your time

It's the song that keeps playing in my head. I still cannot believe Jojo is.. 13. I mean, her music is better than Hilary Duff! Like, she sings like she's 17 or something. Cool. I admire the way people their age do things nowadays. Like Joss Stone. Now that's my soul sistah. Singing like she's a lass of 20 something. Whoo.

Anyways, If there's anything important I wanna say...well,I'm giving a shout-out to my friend, Joyce. Who has been reading my blog, and she's been texting me... Joyce, is one of the people who never stopped encouraging me. And she's happy when I'm happy. She's really sincere, and I can see that. No wonder Ben loves her so much. I'm glad I met her. Thanks Joyce, for everything you said. I truly appreciate it. MWAH! We'll meet up one of these days. I'm sorry I don't reply at times. There's just so much going on. Sembreak na, and yet there's still a lot of things going on. It sucks.

Grades. Mmm...they're all good so far. I'm such an ass to pay less attention to my minor subjects. Like, Techwrite and REED. But hey, they're all good. Thank God.


Lindsay Lohan

You're the kind of friend who always bends
When I'm broken
Like remember when
You took my heart, and put it back together again
I've been wasting time with clueless guys, but now it's over
Let me tell you why
I'm through
I've met someone new
Who's just like you
You're it, you're the ultimate
It's automatic, I'm sure of it
No lie, so don't even tryTo tell me, that you're not the guy
'Cause I've been waiting all my life
For someone just like you
But you're it, you're the ultimate, you
You're the kind of guy, whose hands and mind
Send shivers up and down my spine
You took my heart, and put it back together again
You're the kind of guy that blows my mind
But now it's my turnIt's been right in front of me
Everything I need
Why didn't I see
You're it, you're the ultimate
It's automatic, I'm sure of it
No lie, so don't even try
To tell me, that you're not the guy
'Cause I've been waiting all my life
For someone just like you
But you're it, you're the ultimate, you

Ever since I've seen Freaky Friday, which was just this month. (Bummer, I know.) I couldn't get enough of the songs. I so love Lindsay Lohan.I've been doing nothing lately but sleeping and eating... Ugh. But even if that's all that I do, my mind still keeps bothering me.

What is it with girls posting pictures of them in their bras in friendster? I mean, doesn't it bother them that other people could like see their rack or something? Well, if you look at it in a liberal person's perspective you'd say :

Okay, it's not like guys (even the ones you don't even know) haven't seen one before, but they could be proud of what they have, and since they DO have it they just want to flaunt it.

Okay, WHAT AM I SAYING? let me cut you guys some slack...I'll quit the nonsense.

I bet someone screamed " HALLELUYAH! "...

But you know one thing that really ticks me off? People with bad english. Okay, I don't see anything wrong wit Filipino. So if you're not good at English, or you probably missed most of your English Classes and you didn't learn the basics back in Grade School...please, Dahling, forget about it. Or you're gonna make a complete fool out of yourself. Pinoy ka! Magtagalog ka nalang, mas rerespetuhin pa kita. Sorry if I've offended some. But believe me, I could be saving your ass. But if you insist, I suggest you take English class. Get a tutor or something.

And you know what else?... there have been so many people belittling me. Look at me like they're 6 feet tall or something. But there are those who keep pushing me to do what I believe I can do. And though most of the people wanting to hurt me have succeeded... mark my words : I WILL. You might have kicked my ass today. But I will fight for my dreams. And for what I believe I am supposed to do. And I'm pretty sure when that day comes, you'll still hate me, and you'd say that I don't deserve to be where I am. But you know what? YOU CAN JUST KISS MY ASS. It won't be easy getting there, but I will. And you can just kiss my ass. Til then, I am willing (already numb) to accept whatever y'all say about me. Lahat na yata binansag na saakin. Malandi, Maarte, Pangit, at kung ano ano pa. Pero sige lang. Kung yon ang ikasasaya nyo, ibibigay ko sainyo yon.

Besides, whenever that happens Andrew would always "catch" me. He never left my side. Although there were times when I felt that he was missing, he just didn't know what to do. But he always manages to make it up to me. Thanks, Baby.

SATC just ended. I SO love that show. I sure am gonna cry after watching the season ender. I watched Oprah when the four of them guested, and I felt how sad Sarah was. I cried at the final epi of Season 5. It was weird. And whenever the screen goes black and the credits start rolling, I just give out a sigh and say : " Ugh! the show isn't supposed to end!" I cannot get enough of it. Shows like this are supposed to run for more than a decade! And guys should watch it, too. They write the best scripts ever. I am SO collecting all 6 seasons on DVD, God help me.

So much for tnyt.