Maybe a punch in the face would do.

It’s 1:20 A.M., I have to get up at 8 A.M. because class is at 9. Aah. The beauty of dorming in. You can wake up an hour before class starts. Hehe.

Spent almost the whole day with Andrew, we met up for lunch at around 1:10, and we didn’t separate by then. We just kept talking and talking and talking after we ate, and we didn’t notice that it was like, 2:20, and his class is at CTH, when we had lunch at brejanah. Thing is, it was raining. And even if I had an umbrella…

Drew: *looks at the time* Ay, good luck..

Me : Bakit? *looks at the time* Ah… *smiles*

Drew : ‘Di na! Di nalang…

Me: Huh? *glares* Oo! Cge, watch nalang tayo ng movie!

Drew : *looks at me real long* Sandali…

Me : Nagdadalawang isip ka noh?

Drew : Physics yun eh! Kaya lang last meeting na namin ngayon eh..

Me : O, yun naman pala eh! Wag na! *smiles even bigger*

Drew : Sana wala kaming quiz…pero feeling ko wala…

Actually this took longer than it seems but it ended with…

Drew : Delikado talaga pag kasama kita eh… galling mong mag-tempt!

Me : *grins* Ako pa, you don’t have to tell me, alam ko na yon! *giggles*

Drew : *smiles* (and says something like) Nadadala kasi ako pag kasama kita eh…

Haha! Another bola. :D

After watching the movie ( OPEN WATER, which, by the way actually top-notched my list of “The worst movies ever made in the history of movie production” *snorts*) we were just roaming around, from the 2nd, to the 1st and to the ground floor of SM Dasma (at first we were looking for shoes, he wanted to get white ones, particularly from K-Swiss. ) we passed by this aisle that was full of children’s clothes, and I’m like, what are we doing here? And he answered “Wala, para sa anak natin”…

AAWW! *kilig*…

Then we passed by this aisle full of cartoon character merch, and he remembered those shoes that had wheels on them and he said, with much regret, how he should’ve been in his youth just to be able to skate around with those, because he found them really cute. I laughed. How cute.

We ate dinner at Greenwich. We were checking our cellphones for messages, and it always freaks him out to see whether his classmates texted him or something. And then I looked at him, with this “I-figured-something-out-look” and said…

Me: Siguro hindi na nagtaka yung mga classmates mo kung bakit ka absent no?

Drew : Siguro nga. Alam na nila yun. *pauses*..Alam na nila kung gaano kita kamahal.

Haha! ANOTHER bola. :D

…From that time we spent together at OCC just talking about our lives for HOURS, we have learned how to be more open to each other. I’ve learned more things about him, and I can say so did he. Wala na talagang hiyaan. Best part is, we accept each other for whatever things we both have gone through. He told me about his past relationships, the girls he courted, how he did them, and I told him mine too. From my very first puppy love, to my first heartbreak. And we both ask questions! And it feels good to know that he was interested to know more about me. And I love knowing more about him, too. At first it felt so hard because we both didn’t really have common friends now. Someone to tell me how he is, in someone else’s point of view. Although it does help, nothing beats hearing things straight from his sweet ‘lil mouth. We do things comfortably in front of each other. And I just love the whole set-up. when he doesn’t care about how he looks, and when I tell him about it, he’d say : Ikaw lang naman eh! and then he’d smile. At first it made me think “???” but then I realized that’s just how comfortable we are with each other now. we both don’t care! And I know that when my hair’s messy he’d just run his hands through it, and say it still looks okay, and when my mascara is all smudgy, he’d still tell me how pretty I look. It’s not in the matter of making bola but for me it’s just his way of…y’know, giving me the confidence. He’s given me so much of that. And I know that he still does look at other girls. LOOK. It’s all he does, and though it did affect me at first, my Mom told me, “ Anak, God gave him eyes! I still see your father look at other women, but it’s normal for them to do that, it’s how men are! At least you know you’re the one he loves “ , and she was right. She was SO right. Andrew would say that even if he sees other pretty girls, for him no one would beat me. And I bet none of you would agree to that, but as long as my Baby finds me pretty, your opinion DOES NOT matter. Haha! Sorry for the attitude but it’s true. Not all guys would agree to that, and I’m sure of that. But, like I said, I DON’T CARE! :D

And besides, beauty cannot just be found on the physical attributes.

God has been, still is, and will always be good to me. Thank you, God. For giving me all this. Thank you God for giving me Andrew. Whatever I have gone through, it was all worth it. If I knew I was going to have this, I would still want to go through all of the pain and the suffering I have been through before just to get to this. Thank you, God. For giving me Andrew. Right now, I just feel like the luckiest girl alive. No, I’m not exaggerating. I really do. And I’m praying this is something that’s gonna last.

God, I feel like crying again. Andrew is the first guy who’s ever made me cry tears of joy.

I love him so much.


I was a “weather girl” for News Production, we have to do this News Program that runs for 30 minutes. Thank God I was assigned to do weather, since the news was in tagalog, and I’m one certified bulol . Rona really deserved the part (of one of the main anchors, along Franco ) since I do admire the way she delivers. ( Hi Ron, if you’re reading this! Hehe..)

I rehearsed a lot, and believe it or not, I just felt more confident this time. I remember the first, and it felt like my heart was thumping it’s way out of my body. Thank you, Sir Palad. *smiles*…*grins* I’ll miss him.

Gawd, I gotta hit the sack, It’s 2:07! Good grief…

(6:32 P.M.)

WHOO! It's been a REALLY long day. I typed that at like, 2 A.M. and woke up at 8. Talk about having a rough day and having 6 hours of sleep. But, in irony to that, it still is...ALL GOOD.

And I'm gonna miss Sir Palad. *sob*... much for today. We all did one heck of a good job.. :D