Often times, when a thought pops into my head, I hear Carrie's voice narrating it. It's so weird. It felt like I was SO into the show that I always felt like I have this co- ... nevermind.

As for the title, here it goes : People, no matter what age will always find the silliest reason to cry over something. Whether it's something that might've hurt us emotionally, physically. We all have our weaknesses.

I get so... vulnerable at times. And the thing is, when I get hurt, I tend to say things that I feel at the moment, but not really mean. I just did to Andrew. I know it's something that's gonna pass, but it's one attitude I really want to change. I just hate it whenever I feel like whatever I'm doing is just... not enough. That inspite of everything, I get this. But that's just my paranoid side talking.

Funny thing is that it got to me so much that I looked like this child, faced down on my pillow, staring at the wall and crying my eyes out. It did help. Crying always helps. It's an outlet for me. The only thing that makes me cry harder sometimes is that I always do that alone.