October 14, 2004/ 12:24 A.M.


Life at it’s best. So far.

If I knew things were leading this way, then I’d have to say that all the pain I have gone through was worth it. Everything was worth it. ANDREW IS worth it.

God knows, we just CLICK. Ionno, but that’s just how I see it. It feels so good having him by my side. And I wouldn’t mind “feeling good” for the rest of my life.

This is it. Life at it’s best. This is how it’s supposed to be. This is how relationships are supposed to be. This is how it’s intended to happen. I know because I could feel it. I know because it feels like God has been whispering into my ears. Life can get better. It is, and it still can.

I’m dedicating this entry entirely to THE MAN in my life (of course, next to God and my Dad).

Baby…Andrew, this one’s for YOU.

First of all, I would want to thank you for coming into my life. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, when we had our very first walk together to the school rotonda and it was past 7 P.M. on the night of September 24, 2003. Before that all we did was give each other casual HI’s and wave at each other or something, but after that conversation we started texting, and we grew into being good friends. We’d hang out at the e-house ‘til curfew, we’d look up to the stars, and we’d sit by each other on the sidewalk, just talk about stuff. You’d take me to class, remember? I remember the first time you did I was so nervous, but I managed to get through it without letting you notice. *wink*

And then it grew into something else. At first I didn’t want to assume that you were, but you were. That time it was pretty much complicated, and when you couldn’t stomach it anymore, you told me that you had to stop. But then I didn’t let you. Eventually, I let it slip. I told you that I liked you back. But then I started acting silly, giving you the cold shoulder and all that, which made you think I was playing you, but I wasn’t. Guess I just wasn’t ready for getting into another relationship that fast. But it was stupid of me to think too far ahead.

And because of that, you stopped again. But this time, you really did. When I started to accept it, take hold of what’s really happening, I decided to walk through that path of my life again, when I lost what could’ve possibly been a relationship. But, you made me do something I thought that I would never have the guts of doing.

We crashed at Ed’s that night and we were weird on each other, but we “TALK” (if that’s what you call it…) and then they both teased us about you and me getting into this yellow bike together. And unexpectedly, we did.

The rest is history.

Life starts from there.

Things were okay at first, we got by each day, but all the conversations we have are shallow ones, but it was okay at that time, we were just starting… funny I could still remember how I’d walk out on you, but you wouldn’t mind, or how you’d ignore me whenever we fight, and when we almost broke up because of…well, my being stupid.

It wasn’t the best months of our lives but we gladly got through it.

And I can see, from time to time your love grew deeper and deeper for me.

8 months felt like a year. I guess that’s because we’ve been through A LOT. More than most couples who have been together for a year or so have. The things we have gone through, mostly the bad ones have made us the strong couple that we are now. And I’m thankful that you haven’t let go.

Baby. Thank you for the man that you are. Thank you for all the things you have shared with me. Thank you for making me the person that I am now. For inspiring me. Thank you for making me learn how to be patient and understanding. You can see right through me, Baby. And most of the time you read my thoughts. And so do I.

YOU ARE MY MATCH. We form a puzzle. And it’s how it is.

We just have so much in common, and we connect in SO… SO many ways. And I have been feeling this for the longest time.

You’re all that I need, Baby. And there’s just so much to say but I can’t write them all down.

Thank you. Thank you, Baby. For being the man that you are. For not being shy of showing me who you really are. And I just love the person that you are. I love you, I love you for your imperfections. I love you, I love you just the way you are.

Baby, even if you have changed A LOT. And you have always changed for the better. You’re making me cry again.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you did for me. For still wanting to be with me even when you feel SO sick…for all the little things, I may not be able to always tell you but I really…I really do appreciate everything you have done for me. Whether it’s a simple peck on the cheek, the back rubs…I couldn’t elaborate it’ll take a lot of time…hehe.

There’s so much to say. But I’ll have to tell you that personally.

I love you so damn much.


Oh and, if it isn’t much to ask…stay with me? For the rest of our lives, please…stay with me?

October 18, 2004/ 6:43 P.M.


“C’est La Vie” as the French would say …but they all happen for a good cause, don’t they?

The things we do, the things we say… after those we all have to face such consequences.

October 21, 2004/ 3:17 P.M.


They're my footsies' new best friend! It used to be sneakers... but yeah... havaianas rock.

Right now I'm in this net shop just near our house...

A total of 3 weeks of not seeing my hubby... Mmm...

Grabe...so much has happened these days, leaving me speechless.