It's actually weird how it can change from one minute to another. But I love it whenever I'm in the mood of... cleaning.

I mean, hello? No one's here to take care of me, so I'm supposed to pick up after myself. ( Is there such a thing? ) But yeah, ever since I dormed in La Salle, I have learned the art of being independent. And I SO love it. I mean, I get to do anything that I want! *giggle*

But under that I have also learned something about myself. I have the power! The power of self-control. Ionno. It's not that I'm boasting or anything, but I guess I have learned how to balance so many things. And I have fun, too. I still get to go attend parties, study, have time for my friends, my guy, and I have managed to keep myself from vices. I mean, normally a teen who actually has all the freedom she has will try (and will be tempted) to try anything and everything she ever thinks of. Thus exercising what she thinks is "absolute freedom".

One thing I love about myself is that I can handle saying (or I simply CAN ) say NO. Drugs, smoking, drinking, and the most talked about moral issue: Pre-marital sex.

And I'm still considered COOL.

But hey, I do drink occassionally. But I don't do it whenever I'm super low or something. I mean, I do joke about drinking 'til like we drop on the floor, but I don't do it.

And I overcame every trial by myself, but my friends and Andrew are always there to help me, too. But it still feels good knowing that I have done it because...

...because of my faith.

Andrew explained things clearly to me, and I understood them completely. We're back to normal now. Thank God, we're even better. I love you, Baby.

To the people reading my blog, thanks for tagging. I really do appreciate it. :)


the background's gone! :S I forgot to upload it to my ripway account. ARGH! HELP!