It might have been the cause of all these misunderstandings.

If you were mad about what I said about ALEXANDRA, and you might've thought I was saying something against Atenistas, well you're wrong.

What I actually meant to say was, she used my picture, her grammar was wrong, and THEN she says she's from ADMU. If you actually took time to understand the sentence you'd get my point. It's as simple as this: I meant to say she was a fraud. Because if she really was from ADMU she wouldn't be having problems with english. Now, if this is what you're all furious about, then I might have made my point clear. But if it's something else, well I don't know what you're talking about. It's your problem. Basta ang alam ko, wala na talaga akong ginagawang mali.


That was really nice of her to say something like that. We almost had the same experience pala. But the only difference is that he broke up with me because he was having a hard time dealing with LDRs.

Haaaay. She made her point so clear. Basta. It just felt nice that we barely even know each other, and she has this effort to make me forget about things I shouldn't be thinking about. It's like, even if I didn't know her that well, I could trust her. Really. I really appreciate all this, Honey. And of course, for sharing your story... :)


Sembreak's almost over. Gaaah!

And I'm putting my tagboard back. Thought about it. Whatever. :)