Ugh. The only break WE ALL need is a JASMINE TRIAS BREAK! I read Ala's previous post, and she is SO right. We've had SO much of her. Print ads. Mtv's. Posters. Magazines. T.V. interviews. Gigs. She is literally ALL OVER the place. Just like Heart Evangelista. Ugh. It's like everytime I see her, I give out my best "not again" face, and would secretly say that I would kill myself if I'd get to see her face plastered somewhere I turn. Unfortunately, as I turned to the left, there she is again. Grr.

PUH-LEASE! More girls deserve that kind of attention. Like, Iya Villania! THAT'S a pretty girl. And she doesn't have that "I'm-a-star-so-buzz-off" kinda aura. That is SO different from artists who just put their limits. Ya'mean? *tss*

But of course, Jasmine Trias is someone we should all be proud of. I mean, she "made" it. She's a star back there as well. G Toengi has been trying so hard to get the press to like her. But it just never worked, din't it?

Sorry if I offended anyone. Just speaking my mind.