Hopefully I'll be walking in it with the same person as well, 'til we like reach 50 and we're using a cane or somethin.

Aah. It's 3 A.M. and I'm still up. It's our 9th monthsary today. Wow! And it feels like more than that. We really have been through a lot, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

But Drew and I, we're on a whole new different level right now. Really. You guys just have no idea.

Last sem we weren't able to spend much time together (except for dinner), but thankfully, he made it up to me lately, like spending almost most of the time with me. He would even skip class just to be with me.

It was lately that he has really proven to me how much he loves me.

Here's ta us, Baby. Happy Monthsary. I love you.