I've been wondering on what to blog about today.. Hmmm...

Oooh. White Flag's on the radio. I miss Edikins. Aww. Whenever he'd hear that song playing he'd text me and say "Are you at the stall?" Haha! It always plays when I'm around. Jeez.

Today I woke up to find candles surrounding my Grandad's Urn. I gave him a smile.

Right now I just finished helping my Grandmum in the kitchen. She shouldn't be doing the chores around here anymore. We don't have a maid right now. But she's not supposed to wash the dishes and wipe the table and all that, that's supposed to be OUR job. But my cousins aren't willing to help. Or maybe they're just too occupied playing and being a couch potato.


And my friends? Where are they when you need them?

I can't wait 'til my parents get a house of our own. Really. When I can live my life the way I used to with my parents around. When I can have the room all to myself. When I won't be worried about anything missing. I already visualized what my room would look like, and my Mom agreed to me having my own closet in my room, and my bathroom's gonna be in white, with mirrors looking just like the ones in dressing rooms. Gaah! Can't wait. Mmm...White fur rags. Bright bathroom lights. A Bathtub.I would have an elevated bed, A red and white couch, a table by the window for my laptop... Argh! :) I couldn't wait.

Mmm...I wonder how Honey's doing. Hey girl. Zee here already? :)