For all those poor lil aminuls. Aww. If it isn’t for my Grandmum I wouldn’t be going to that place coz all I get is being slobbed by all these old disgusting men. Not to mention all those boys who just make papansin. Eew. Okay, forgive me. Just that it’s irritating.

Anyways, I didn’t watch the man kill all those fishes… it was horrible, they were still breathing!!! And he takes out all their scales, the fins, the tail, and the gills… I just looked at them in pity, and then wondered how could they live their lives knowing that one day, they’re all just gonna be lying in one man’s plate.

Okay, y’all are gonna be whining like : What is she talking about?

Yeah, yeah… unless you have a heart of a true animal lover you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

Grabe, I checked out Andrew’s friendster pictures… he copied my signature pose! ( Franco calls it the “stroke” coz it looks like I got stroked or sumn, I wink and I stick my tongue out..hehehe…although my Baby din’t do the exact thing…) and then there’s this other picture, when he said that it looked like he was a pilot or sumn, he looked soooooo gwapo. Hehe. Kinikilig ako. Gawd, do I miss him. Can’t wait to feel his hugs.

Oh, and belated happy birthday ta Hello Kitty. I should’ve been in that commercial! Next ta Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto. My Fashion Idols. :D Ionno, I din’t really like em at first but then I realized that they have so much confidence to wear anything they want, they break every rule in fashion and from that they create a new one. I have learned that you should never be afraid to wear what you want. The only secret to wearing something that doesn’t really match is to carry it with confidence. You have to have that confidence to be able to carry the outfit properly. And don’t think of what other people would think of you.

We are have the rights to express ourselves through fashion. They must be worn on the right places though. I hate it when I see all these girls wearing tubes in markets. Ugh. If you’ve got it, flaunt it – in front of the right people.

I had chopsticks on my hair once, and people in Dasma started laughing at me. And I’m like, HELOU? Haven’t you seen anyone use chopsticks instead of a ponytail or sumn? Or maybe that’s just how people are there. Ignoramies.

Although, I tend to dress simple lately. I don’t think I should waste my time getting dolled up, strutting around the wrong people. In dasma, you’d waste your time strutting, dahling.

Although there are some who dress good. Thank goodness.

Fashion is in my blood. That’s how it is. Give me the right time and place, I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

I wanna go back to Baguio. I’d lurve ta be in that strip full of Ukay-Ukays again. Baguio is definitely THE ukay-ukay heaven. Gaah! :D


Hehe. I’m so full of Spongebob lately. :D Don’t you just love him?