Do you actually get that feeling, first thing in the morning, when you just can't move because your joints, and I mean every part of it hurts like hell... ??? Schupid. It's like I can't get out of bed anymore. Every move I make has this corresponding whine. It's like I move my back and it's like "AH!", I move my legs it's like "OOOH!"

I sit down and it's like "OW!"... y'know... Gawd, this is stupid.

It's actually a miracle I got to survive through out the day...even if it's just... like, 4 in the afternoon. Well at least I've gotten this far, eh?

Right now I'm seated next ta Drew in one of the net shops just right in front of school, together with blogging, I'm researching for our report tomorrow on Communication Research about... well, research. Silly we got the introductory part but in a way it's ayt. At least I get to get it over with before they all do... hehe.

I swear I'm never gonna joke again! It's like this little joke and he gets mad, FINE!!!! Grr...

It is kinda irritating if you come to think of it. He shouldn't apply such attitudes to ME! But, there's nothing else I can do about it.

At least I know I'm not supposed to make fun of him anymore...in a cute way. Even if I AM his gf. *shrugs*... Silly, that's what it is. I wouldn't mind if he made fun of me, I mean... that's him... and it's ME he's making fun of. So what? right?... but okay, I'll stop blabbering. That's me, not him. Even if we are a couple, we're still two different people. Which kinda sucks sometimes. But without it being that way, just isn't as challenging... so yeah. Whatever.

I already made a draft of what I'm supposed to blog right now but the diskette just ain't working, so I'll just post it when I get ta blog again... which is, I'm not sure when. Mmm...

Wow. It's been two weeks since I last posted an entry. Been super busy, even if most of my classes end at 11. It's what I do afterwards, y'know. And even if I don't do much I've just gotten thinnER! And that SUCKS! Can I get any thinner??? ...


I hate this.

*deep sigh*

Get me a freaken Cosmo! ... make that a barrel, please?