I'm only going to say this once, and I might regret it. But like I said, I'm only gonna say this once.

A girl in friendster with a picture of her and Heart Evangelista added me at Friendster today. Not that it startled me, but she later on sent me a message wondering if I did know Heart personally.

I couldn't believe what I was typing but I replied with something like this...:

" No I dont. I have been a "closet" fan of Heart since her G-mik days and I've seen her for about 4 times already but I never got the courage to up to her and take a picture. Why do you ask? :)"

Yes. I have been a fan. But not that kind of fan where I collect like every single picture or poster of her and stick it up my wall or something. I guess there really is just something about her that might make you draw your attention towards her.

Although there are times when I hated her (no offense), especially the first time I saw her at Glorietta, we were "literally" facing each other but we were like, 7, 8 feet away... There she was standing in front of Park Nike with her Yaya behind her, and there I was in front of that escalator with my Mom... and she just...gave me "that" look (from head to foot). It should've been a great moment for me. But I didn't expect her to look at me that way. And then she turned to her left and scooted towards... wherever she went.

Not that it's been getting to my head, but I have always been compared to her. And yes of course it's flattering since she really is pretty. But then I guess what irritated me the most is that people think I really like it whenever they called me HEART or LUCY...or HEART and LUCY combined.

Don't get me wrong.

I don't know what I'm trynna say, just that...I should stop being a hypocrite. :) It's Christmas! (this I learned from "Love, Actually". Ha ha!)

Thank you for giving me such compliments. Really, I am flattered. But please don't think it's getting to my head, ayt? :)

It's also funny how people react y'know. This one time, while I was coincidentally at Southmall while she had a Mall tour, and when I was passing by the stage (where she was of course), one of the guys were like, "Hey look, it's Heart's cousin!"... I just shook my head and gave out a grin.

I know some girls are like pissed off at her or something being the way she is. But I guess if there are times that she acts the way she does is because of the people trynna put her down. And I admire her for that. She surely does kick ass.

So....there you have it. I AM. And I'm only saying this once. And I don't want to hear a fucking comment about it! :) Don't mind what I said, ayt? ha ha!


Thanks to Em, who introduced using lowercase letters for the famly names.

Abbie alodia almasco and Andrew kay bautista
  • Doing their best to adopt three valuable children.
  • Choose not to listen to music together at the most inconvenient times.
  • Only speak in song.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Only speak in song, eh? Tell me about it. I love it when he sings! OH, and that game we played where I knew that we do share almost the same music-inclined brain! Because we both knew old songs. And not all people our age knew old songs - and appreciated them. Ha ha! It's like whenever I see a new side of him it always makes me fall deeper. That's what I really love about him inspite of being stubborn and insensitive sometimes. *sigh*

Abbie almasco and Andrew bautista
  • Doing their best to adopt all expensive children.
  • Are prone to share their hearts at every opportunity.
  • Are Hollywood's hottest couple.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

And yes, we are prone to sharing our hearts at every opportunity which is WHENEVER WE'RE TOGETHER! Like when he takes my hand out of nowhere and kisses it soooo many times. Or when he plays with my hair, or when he pretends he's doing a music video and he sings to me.

Most of the time when I tell him that I've been sharing the things he does to me with my friends he'd blurt out, "Nakakahiya!" and he smiles. But I guess he just doesn't know how much I appreciate all that. :) I guess that's just how we are to each other. We both bring out a different side of ourselves. A side that was always there - but we were just too shy or too afraid to put it out there. But now we have each other - someone to be really comfortable with.

And for me,it's like, (mind me) fart all you want I don't give a shit. Ha ha!

Those were the two diff'rent heartstats results. :)

Thanks for the idea, Em. :)