Sometimes it's beautiful. Sometimes it's not.

Ahhh! As a result of getting my new job, being a bum...i found this very kewl site where I got these:

Abbie Highway
Fame City15
Lake Love66
Loony-Bin Lane479
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


Kewl, eh. But what the heck, there's a DUMPSVILLE on MY highway?...well yeah...there are those times when I feel so...dump(y/ed).

Ohmygah, right now THE TRIBUTE to SATC will be aired on HBO.

*Looks for box of tissues*

This may sound as sentimental but I CANNOT think about uttering (or I simply just CANNOT think) about saying goodbye to the show. I know there still are gonna be DVDs but to actually think that I'm gonna miss being so excited on what's gonna happen next or, what did I miss...

Everyone loves SATC. I've heard a few comments that they're sluts, all they do is have sex, all they talk about is sex, the size of their guys penises, how they did it, on what position and all that. But if you have been an avid viewer of the show you'd say it's more than that. Sure, they do talk about sex and all the things I just mentioned but it's deeper than that, it's more about their search for love, their friendship, New York City. It's about 4 different women and their relationship as friends. It's weird how I just get to find myself in each character. Weird as it may sound to you since I'm barely not a woman - yet. Well, I'm 18! I AM! I AM A WOMAN! (is that something to be happy about? Anyway...)

If there's one thing that just keep me watching this freakin' show like it's a drug or something (hey, SATC is my natural high! ;p) is because of the script. And I've said that before. The script is - there's not even a word for it. It's just... more than great.

I saw this one part (which is probably gonna be aired at the finale) where Carrie said "Farewell", and she had this smile on her face which reminded me of all those good episodes that I've seen. I'm not even a part of the show and it felt like I've been there, with them. It felt like I've seen them in all those ups and downs, yada yada. And then she started walking, and this voice inside me was screaming for her not to go or something...then she looked back and *blew* a kiss, and then she left. The screens turns into nothing but white. And then I get teary-eyed.

Shallow as it may seem, but I have never ever have watched a show that has affected my way of thinking (in terms of Love, friendship, relationships,Sex and fashion of course) and it feels like it's this really big part of me. And no matter what it's always gonna be there. It's like, in my veins or something.


There's just more to the show.

There's just more to the show. And I am gonna miss it.