A little bit dramatic - but hell proud of it.

Okay, so what's new? I'm fixing my blog since there's nothing left to do at home.

Still working on learning Photoshop (it's never too late).

But probably I'm leaving it like this for the meantime while I still search for pictures for my new template. :D

I'm also working on designing our custom-made t-shirts (me and drew) and we already came up with the

"words" to be printed on the shirt and I couldn't wait. I'm so excited! And it would be fun when we both wear it together. We are such airheads. I love him so damn much. :)

I'm also changing the pictures here, Gawd, they are SO outdated. I really need ta get a new studio picture. Gosh darn it.

Mom finally agreed to my Post New Year shopping, (HELLO, MANGO! I fucking missed you!) and getting a milk rebond. HAH! :D

New year, New me.

Can't wait.