Wait. Isn't that a song?

Hah. I just mixed all the words up. Anyways, I woke up at past 9 to find out that I was the only person in the house. THAT made me feel lonely. I mean, damn! I should be used to it. But I guess this morning was different. Already I knew I was alone. But then today I SAW that I was alone.


Ayah, Maya and I will be meeting up on Glorietta on the 22nd, hang out at Greenbelt, do some catching up. Something that I've been looking forward to doing with my girlfriends. I miss them so DAMN much. Really. And I can't wait!

Good thing Ayah's car is fixed now, and they have a pool on their condo's rooftop... Hmm... CAN'T WAIT. Really can't wait. Will be staying there 'til the 23rd. Hah! If only we all could stay for like a week I wouldn't mind! I guess a day just isn't enough for the three of us...

What is wrong wit mah hubby, he always forgets ta greet me g'nyt and say I love you! He always falls asleep, but it's been hapnin for 3 consecutive days already.


What is it with girls trynna be UP THERE?

I mean, you know what I mean... social climbers.

I guess I've been browsing so much friendster accounts that it really gets to my nerves. Like when girls try to look really conyo and spell designer's names wrong. Such an insult. Louis Vuitton should sue them damn byotches. Okay, so I may not have an original Vuitton purse (that costs about 40,000..I saw Heart with one. I will too, one day! :D ) but daym, gurl! At least I know how to spell his name right!

Anyway, speaking of designers... I really....really...really adore... ADORE! Roberto Cavalli's designs. I guess I always fall in love with his prints. And not to mention the chicness. Gawd.

Anyways, I just feel like sharing that I am currently falling in love with OPM artists and their music. Session Road, Spongecola, 6 cycle mind, Bamboo, Sandwich, Kitchie Nadal, Rivermaya and Sugarfree. GAAAK! :D

I'm hungry. Grr.