Take note : "Wish" list. *grins*

Since Christmas is "HAP'NIN", I'ma go do my very own wishlist. Since it's what you can actually find in almost every blog known to mankind.

It's not just for Christmas though, some I really want to get by next year.

And here goes! *pampampaaaa*...

Wish # 1 : THE new convertible Lexus. (Hah! ;p or maybe Camry's latest model. I'd settle for that. )

Wish # 2 : A Powerbook. (Gaaah!)

Wish # 3 : An iPod. (My Dad's already getting me one, I think. But I'd LURVE ta get it in the U2 Limited

edition.. :D)

Wish # 4: Topshop Sweatpants. (Okay, you might think that they're SOO last season, but WHO cares? I still

like sweatpants. They're... comf'table.)

Wish # 5 : Anything Vintage from I LOVE YOU. (I can't wait 'til I get to shop there!...AAHH!)

Wish # 6 : A P910i. ( Okay, I know I said when I have a P900, I wouldn't be asking for a new cellphone -ever.

But blame my Dad! He says he MIGHT get me one if Sony Ericsson "corrects" all the

cons. But don't get me wrong - I'm still in love with MAX. My phone. :D Yep, I named

it. )

Wish # 7 : A Dog of my own. ( A Cocker Spaniel, A Shar-pei or a Golden Retriever. I can't yet tho - not 'til

we have a house of our own...)

Wish # 8 : A 2 pc swimsuit. ( For that Galera trip! I already have tons but I want MORE! Roxy, Tabu,


Wish # 9 : MORE M.A.C. Stuff! ( I love M.A.C. Need I say more?)

Wish # 10 : A Shu Uemura Lip gloss.

Wish # 11 : Philosophy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Wish # 12 : New Lingerie! (*whistles* haha!)

Wish # 13 : Something from Mango. ( I just SO love Mango. I have this...lust for Mango. Anything from

Mango will make me happy. My Mom got me a Top, a White Leather

Wallet, an Umbrella and Shades all at once from Mango on my birthday

and it coudn't make me any happier! Haha!)


Must-have # 1 : A Makeover!

Must-have # 2 : A Milk Rebond.

Must-have # 3 : A M.A.C. face powder.

Must-have # 4 : A Shu Uemura Lipgloss.

Must-have # 5 : Kalteen Bars. If they really exist.

Must-have # 6: DVDs of SATC in seasons 1-6.