"...Ah ganun ba yun, Ja?"

..."Oo bie...parang...Once an Abbie, always an Abbie."

Some things just never change.

I arrived at Ayah's place at around 1 P.M., and I screamed as I got to her place. We hugged each other, and I hugged her Mom, Tita Josie, too. This has been my 2nd family back in Jeddah.

Maya came about 30 minutes later. We hugged each other even longer. I missed this girl. I missed my girlfriends.

We had lunch then we headed for G4 (some parts I would like to skip...both of them would know why... :D )

We got there, parked Ayah's car... and headed straight to Starbucks where I had a Hot Choc'lit (and what else? ) an Ensaymada. Everything went well. We were definitely catching up. We were having a great time.

There were things bothering each of us, though. But it all went well.

We went to Mango where I decided to buy something Carrie Bradshaw-ish. A pink feathery bag which cost me Php2400. Which was worth it. They were all like, "Abbie. That is SO you." And I'm like, "really?" and they said, "really." So I asked Mom and she let me, so I did. I was supposed to also get this purse which goes with my white leather bag from Nine West or the other Pink Suede purse, but it would really look so typical. I wanna have something people in school don't. I wanna have something people don't usually see, or don't usually want to have. It felt good. I used it afterwards.

After Mango we went to check out THE BODY SHOP and TOPSHOP. Where Ayah and I keep spotting the same tops and dresses. That will be on the part 2 of my shopping.

We headed to Bread Talk (where everything looks and does seem like they're delicious. ) I treated them, they got this bread named "HOT CHIC" and I got the "FRENCH GARLIC BREAD". We sat down at this park right in front of Hotel Inter-Con, ate our breads, kept talking, then we headed back in to grab drinks from Delifrance.

We then decided to walk to Greenbelt (finally, after decades since I last stepped in it) where we walked around...and when I checked my phone, I found a missed call.

From Ja.

We stayed at Greenbelt for a while, sitting down...trynna fix some problems. At past 9 we decided to head home. But we stopped over Music 1 where I bought another Bamboo CD (i lost my first one), and Ayah bought my Cranberry body wash for me at The Body Shop since they all were starting to close.

While we were in the car I thought it would be great if we all get to talk to Ja. I tried calling him thrice, and he only got to answer on the third, with bed voice.

Don't misunderstand me, but we both just felt so at ease talking to each other. We just do, and we talked just like the way we used to.

Just like the way we used to.

We were like..."Hay Jaja..." and he goes..."Hay Abbie..."

It's even funny, because when we got back to Ayah's place he asked me if we were gonna do anything, and I said I wasn't, he asked me in a very sweet way.."so, stay with me muna?"

Guys, c'mon. Don't get me wrong. Even Maya and Ayah are happy for me that Ja and I are really good friends inspite of all the things that happened in the past. While we were talking they were there, too. Right beside me, and they were smiling at each other saying " they're really close..."

We both were laughing...genuinely.

It's been a long time since Ja and I had that kind of conversation. It din't end well though since I ran out of load at both sims. But then he texted me. When I got my load I texted him back.

We talked like we were back in Jeddah, when we talk about things...anything under the sun. Music, gossip about our friends, what's new about me, him... about our current relationships.... Gawd, we were just SO open to each other! And I couldn't be any happier knowing we're in that kind of status.

He even told me he sees me in Carrie. (wow, he watched SATC! so freakin' cool.)

That's why he watches it daw. And he goes like " WHOOOO!!!" (something he easily adapted from me...)

Anyways....today Ayah, Maya, Ayah's Mom and Sister and I headed back to G4, I bought another Lipglass from M.A.C., had another Hot Choc'lit at Starbucks....when my Uncle was on his way, we ran to get my stuff from Ayah's compartment, where we all stopped for awhile to eat Shawarma... :D Where I saw Lui Villaruz (who looks cute in person) and I noticed ( not that I'm boastful about it ) that he was looking at me and I was playing deadma. Ha ha! But he was real cute. I stood next to him ta buy a bottle of water but I was too chicken to look and flash him a smile.

Besides I just ate Shawarma, and I didn't have time to check my teeth.

I didn't want Lui to remember me as the chinese looking girl with beef stuck in her teeth.


It's gonna be a long time 'til we all meet again, but...it's gonna be all good.

Oh and...Tita treated us ta Haagen Daz. Yummy Strawberry Cheesecake flavored ice cream, y'all should try it.

Anyway, this is all for now.

Don't get me wrong people. I'm just happy.

And Ja, if you ever get to read this... thanks. :)