GAWD! It's a REALLY stupid question if you ask me,because the answer is right in front of me... I shouldn't be asking because it's obvious. It's just one of the thoughts that keep popping in my head. It's like this "I-couldn't-help-but-wonder" moment that never ends. I shouldn't even be putting that question out in the open like that. But hell with it. Just expressing myself. It's not a crime, is it?

For the meantime that I couldn't afford buying original dvd's of the whole SATC season, I settled for Season 6's last 4 epis. Which made me REALLY happy,by the way.

*sigh*... Life's questions...sometimes it makes me so desperate to get the answers. The right answers. Sometimes though...I think that maybe I'm just making life more complicated than it already is... maybe I really do have all the answers right now. Just too blind to see, or maybe too scared shitless to accept the truth. The reality.

But what is real? How do you know real? How do you embrace REALITY?

The things in front of you,is that real? The things happening,is that real? The trials you go through,is that real? The happiness we feel,is that real?

When is real... real?

Or maybe it's just my imprudent side talking.


Life still goes matter what way it goes. Whether we like it or not.