Gawd, some people just don't give up don't they? Or is it they really are just bored with their miserable lives and pick on anyone they want to?


THIS is one heck of a day that I wouldn't like to forget. Probably since because I've just seen Lemony Snicket's " A Series of Unfortunate Events"... I myself have encountered a few unfortunate events.

Make that Nasty. A Series of rather nasty events.

A guy sent me a message in Friendster asking if I wanted to DO IT with him... I was offended (which I still am) but I rather find it funny.

Gawd. What is it with people nowadays? First the boob issue that never ends (the least one I care about but still couldn't help wondering why girls make such a big deal out of it), and now this. He even offered me money in exchange of my pictures in bikinis, even topless or naked ones. Sheesh.

Here, to better satisfy your curiosity (if you are) :

a strange and alternative request

Message: you're hot sweetie! and you're naughty too! i have
an alternative and strange request i believe you can
satisfy and we will have a lot of fun! you're body is
hot and i wonder if i can see more, do you have
pictures of yourself in bikini, topless (like when you
go to the beach) or naked to send me? i can even
pay you with hard and easy $$$ for that! well what
do you think about? OR IF YOU LIKE SEX AND
said that because students usually don't have a lot
of money and a small tip for some funny pictures
will be anything else but nice and interesting at the
same time! so i am waiting for your photos at
thank you
kisses and hugs
the naturist boy
p.s. of course i can send you natural pictures of
myself if you like me!

.... My jaw just dropped to the floor and I started laughing a few minutes later! Gosh. What an arsehole.

Paul Alexander. Gosh, you are one SON OF A BITCH.

I even think he's an impostor of some type. Notice the wrong grammar.
Well yes, I am thankful for the compliments. But I don't need his compliments. I am satisfied with the neverending bola of my boyfriend.

Hmm. As for Mr. Alexander, I've just finished writing him:

Thank you, Paul from Lucca, Italy. But I am not that desperate. :) As a matter of fact I do have enough money, and even if I didn't I still wouldn't accept your cheap offer. If you want me to help you though, I know a few HO BAGS around my school who are cheap enough (just like you) and I'm sure they'll be VERY glad to attend to your needs.

On a better note, to lessen the disappointment this message has brought you, I am very flattered with your compliments. Thanks again.

You should sharpen your skills in picking the right girl to "pick up"... you picked the wrong one though. Better luck next time. :)

Wishing you the best, and good luck with HIV! (or maybe Herpes, or Gonorrhea...tell me if you get one, okay?) ;)

May God Bless you.

I just wish him luck.

And thanks to Devil,as well...for never forgetting me in her daily life. I'm so blessed to have a blog reader like you for like, forever. May God Bless you, too.

I love life. Ja's right. I won't fucking throw it away. Ever again.