Haha. There ain't no business like BOOB business.

Yes, I won't be a hypocrite to say, "I do have a huge rack."

That's why I look up to Paris Hilton. She admits that she uses push-up bras in photo shoots, galas and premieres. Even in the red carpet just to make them look fuller. She doesn't really like the idea of implants. And that goes for me as well. So yes, blame my fuller breasts on Calvin Klein. They have the best bras in the world. I can get you a pair if you want, they're just about 2,000 php anyway. What color do you want? :)

I am happy with my body the way it is and I don't want to change a thing about it.

Vulgar as this statement might appear and if may seem shocking, fuck it. :) But I'm saying this anyway...

"As long as my boyfriend (the guy you just called "blind" for falling for me) loves MY rack, I have nothing more to ask for. " That's just a bonus, anyway. I love my rack. So if you don't like yours, don't take it out on me. :D

And if you have a bigger rack than me, as that of the size of the rock of gibraltar, well I'm really happy for you.

But anyway, thank you for giving my rack attention. They are very flattered. :D


Thanks, Joyce. :D

Mmm...lessee... thats about it. :D