Mystery. Such a beautiful word. Don’t you love thinking about different mysteries, the ones that inspire you to think more, the ones that make you hungry for answers, the ones that make you feel so anxious and all that? Won’t it be great if we get to unfold a certain mystery? But then what’s the point? Mysteries are beautiful – as long as they remain to be… just mysteries. To cut the bull, Mysteries are better left off as mysteries. There’s just no fun in them if they aren’t. Period.

Mystery Number One: RELIGION.

I read my cousin’s blog and she had this certain entry about GOD. It was titled
“Debate for God”. I was so proud of my cousin that she had certain questions in her head about religion, and how she spilled her guts about her faith. Some of her questions, she had a point about. And some of them even lead me to forming my own questions in my head. True what my cousin said (her name’s Fritzie, by the way…), that there are so many questions that the Church cannot answer. Like, where did religion REALLY come from? Who wrote the bible? But what hit me the most is when she asked this question that went somewhat like “ What if religion is just a barrier?”

A barrier? What barrier?

I guess, in my opinion is that religion could be a barrier – for us to experience what we really should experience outside what the Church is teaching us. And why do we have so many sectors? So many religions? So many beliefs?

What is the point of having a religion? Of having a different practice? Of having a different way of showing our love for God, of showing that we praise Him? When all we need to do is believe – and have faith in God.

That is, for me… the most important thing. For me, this is what God wants us to feel. To believe in. For me, that’s enough. I believe that that’s what God really wants us to do in the first place. Then comes the things we shouldn’t do. The laws.

But then again, here comes another question.

How sure are we that these laws were made by God? I mean, we all can see the obvious, the things we shouldn’t do like murder, rape, robbery and all that…but how about the other things?

How do we know that religion isn’t … make-believe? What if, just like my cousin wondered… religion was put there to set up boundaries?

When we die, God won’t ask us “What religion were you practicing?”… God does not care about that detail. I believe so.

Two of the most important things is that (1) We believe in him, and (2) The good deeds we have done.

I have no questions about God. I have always believed in God. That there is a God.

But Religion itself, is a mystery.


Mystery Number Two : SEX AND LIBIDO.

Why is it such a big deal? People who have sex still crave and feel excited to see porn videos like they haven’t done it yet. When will the human specie, specifically the MALE”s libido be satisfied?

Okay. That’s a stupid question. Because the answer is obviously never.

Maybe that goes for the Female specie as well. Probably guys are just more open about it.

Maybe what I really wanna talk about is Men and their love for Pornography.

Gaahhd, what is it about seeing people have sex? Would it make you a better man watching porn videos? Would it make you learn more “tricks” ?

Guys reading this entry would think that my brain is filled with nothing but stupid questions, but what can I say? No matter how much we love them - Men will ALWAYS remain a mystery.

Same goes for their sex drive.

And their love of Porn.

And their tireless wanking.

Mystery Number Three : RELATIONSHIPS.

Do I even have to explain more? People who are in and not into relationships still find it as a mystery.

Why do we enter into a relationship in the first place?

Some people who are in love don’t want to get into relationships for certain fears. Fear of rejection, fear of getting hurt in the end, while some get into them because of some fears. Fear of being the last person alive with no one to share it with.

Why do we stay in relationships no matter how bad they are? Fear of not finding someone new to love, someone new to love us? Fear of never finding the right one? Believing that we already are with the right one… or worse, convincing ourselves that we are with the right one, even if we know deep inside we deserve so much better, and that we’re just scared to admit the truth to ourselves?

Who are we fooling?

Don’t get me wrong, not that I’m in A bad relationship, because the relationship I’m in now really is FAR from BAD. These are just quandaries.

“Someone for Everyone”.

Relationships, no matter how good will always be a mystery to us. Whether we’re in it or not, whether we’ve been in countless or haven’t been in one since birth.

No one is an expert in relationships. Even Carrie Bradshaw has a busy head regarding relationships. And I’m not just saying relationships between the opposite sex.

Mystery Number Four : MYSELF.

No matter how hard I put my gut out there, no matter how hard I try to make people understand me, and get to know the real me… My true self – that will ALWAYS remain a mystery.

But this one, however… won’t be a mystery for me.

Although … there are times when I frighten myself, too. I do things that just make me realize : Wait. Did I REALLY do that?

I stumble on a rock that I had intentionally put there.

That’s lame.

But then no one’s there to understand me, and the things I do.

But me.

So I learned that no matter what happens, aside from God… the only person you can really count on, is YOURSELF.

In those times when I’m mostly misunderstood? I lean on me. Why shouldn’t I? I’m the only one who knows the real me.

Maybe I’m a mystery myself. I don’t even know what other things I’m capable of doing. But trust me – no more silly attempts.

Mystery Number Five : LIFE.

Who doesn’t find this a mystery?

There’s so much in life we want to know. To learn.

Just like I said.

So little time.