I'm talking bags.

It's a thought that popped into my head this one time I was walking in the mall with my boyfriend in hand, with a pretty young couple in front of us. It's the usual sight of a young married couple. Either "daddy" holds the baby in his arms while "mommy" has all these baby stuff hanging on every possible body part that can. I then thought that before I get to carry around a baby bag from Chicco filled with Mothercare, Graco, Osh Kosh Bigosh and Baby Guess items, I'd like to have Fendi, Vuitton, Prada and Chanel purses clutched under my arm,on my shoulder, or on my hand.

Just one of those random thoughts.

BTW, I'm already in Laguna. Finally home after three months. Whew.

I miss Andrew.

I'm gonna be doing a LOT of bumming again - which I missed.

Andrew and I were supposed to go jogging around the oval at 6 AM today but ended up having breakfast at the square canteen where we had non-stop hugs and "I'll miss yous" and kisses.

Oh, and kudos to Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. They're my idols now. Britney in terms of her music and so as Jennifer but she really inspired me to work-out. It already resulted to my consistency in exercising (100 sit-ups a day, baby!)Andrew has been supporting me, too. He's my personal instructor. Haha. One day we'll both be working out under the same sweat-smelling gym.

What can I say, great abs are one of my must-haves.

Before summer classes starts I'll be working out on my blog. I promise.

DO SOMETHIN' is my song!