Yes, believe it.

I just came from Barrio Fiesta's branch at Carmona, Cavite where Heart had her garage sale. Just as I was about to get down from the car I saw her ride a white CRV with her elder sister at the passenger's seat. She got in with her bestfriend, Sarah Christophers and was wearing this top that exposed her lower back. She looked very "summer-y". I didn't manage to get a picture with her but I did manage to get a picture of her cocker spaniel, AL taken with me. There was even a lipstick mark on Al's upper right ear,and her assistant explained, "hinalikan kase siya ni Heart bago siya umalis". That is so cute.

The prices ranged from 300 - 600 pesos. She had good clothes, and she also sold these pair of black Nine West shoes. Take note, they were Wedge.

And as desperate as it may sound buying second hand clothes,I was able to find clothes that Heart didn't use yet. There were still tags on them. And guess what? They fit perfectly! Hehehe. What's the difference of buying at Baguio's Ukay-Ukay, right? Thing is, these clothes were Heart's! She might not even have used some of them, but at least they're good enough that they've gotten to be hanging around in her closet.

Kudos to Heart for the idea of selling her clothes no matter how much she loved them. Ha ha. Maybe I should do that, too. But I can tell some clothes might not have been really HERS. Hmmm.

She has a lot of cool pairs of jeans. I thought this Che Guevarra jacket looked HOT. But I told myself that it's gonna take time before I get to wear those type of clothes again. But dang, I should've gotten that. Hmp.

Thanks Tito, for driving me...and Chi, for helping me pick out clothes.

Anyways, lately I've had a lot of time to think, and... if you wanna know what has been exactly going on my mind's busy streets...


…why search for knowledge? ”

I just realized that this was a rather TRUE quote that Ja told me over the phone once.

If Ignorance really IS bliss, why are we so hungry for knowledge? Why do we always search for answers to life’s questions. If not knowing, if trying to be nonchalant, trying to ignore makes us so happy…why tire ourselves searching for answers in the first place?


…to get close.

Sometimes when you’ve been with a person you’ve been going out with for a very long time, like 24/7… you just forget everything – sometimes you forget the real reason why you’re together, the traits you liked about him, why you’re with him, and how much you REALLY love him.

There were times that I’ve threatened breaking up, at times I’ve put up fights, sometimes I hurt myself, and take out all my anger… all that just to get answers.
Not knowing that sometimes, distance is the answer.

Yes, and I quote Carrie…sometimes you need distance to get close.

Because of Andrew living a thousand miles from my home, it gave me the opportunity to see and realize the things that have always been there but was too busy to see. I’ve been so paranoid and a control freak.

But I also was his spoiled byotch. He always wanted me to be happy, he always wanted to understand me, he always wanted me to feel good. And I guess sometimes I always just wanted MORE that I kept complaining about it when I really shouldn’t.

Because I really do have it…right here in front of me. I REALLY DO.

Maybe I should just have lesser expectations because Andrew really has been giving me SO much.

This isn’t an unhealthy relationship. If there’s one person that’s making it one, that’s mostly my fault. But it isn’t.


There’s actually so much I want to tackle, probably because I’ve just had so much time to think. My brain is always floating somewhere.

At least not on somebody else’s life not like other people who, when bored find minding other’s business a very good way to kill time.



Just how important is EDUCATION?

We had to do this 5-15 minute short film as a final project for Cinematography, and we had it edited to THE very talented J.D.

While we were uploading the video we had just finished editing, he told us a very startling story about his friend who worked at Channel 2 when one of the artists’ personal assistant immediately made an intern (J.D.’s friend) her very own assistant by letting her wash a stained tee of “this” star whom she worked for.

Did you get that?

J.D. advised us that when she start being an intern or doing an O.J.T., we should never EVER take a job that lets us look like personal assistants. i.e., making coffee for the “big people”, or anything that falls under the job of a personal assistant.

We will be trainees for chrissake. That doesn’t include making coffee, right?

Sometimes artists will throw a fit at you and then you wonder :

Just exactly WHO are they to do something like that? Just because they’re artists, and the fact that they’re famous and have millions of fans screaming their asses off for them, that doesn’t mean they have the rights to disrespect you.
And just like J.D., who said that he did not spend more than half a million pesos to be a degree holder and end up being disrespected by an artist he works in the same network with, well…I’ll say :

Probably just because we were able to study doesn’t mean we’re in a higher position than they are. And just because they’re artists doesn’t put them in a higher position as well.

We were in school learning, living a normal life, we still make a way to be popular, we enjoy the real essence of learning, we can party and not have people talking about our behavior, we still have our privacy, the people talking behind our backs can somehow be tolerated (you can choose not to and kick their effing ugly arses for doing so to teach them a damn lesson), we can shop ‘til we drop as well but it takes time before that day comes and you have a handful of paper bags on each arm…

While artists were working their asses off, earning a living, having fun, doing things that they were best at (well some of them), and some also trying to study. Artists enjoy the attention that they get, their abilities and talents get to be noticed and appreciated, they lose their privacy but it’s somehow understood, they can shop and shop and shop and shop, and have someone to carry it for them…


So in summation, I guess all I have to say is... all we have to do is learn how to respect each other. We have been in school for a reason, and they have been working their asses off for a reason as well.

But then...


Mmm. That's another story. In terms of trying to earn money to help your family, why not try finishing school? AND THEN look for a job.

But then... people in that industry has their own reasons.

So much for random thoughts.