I'm sorry, I'm so full of them lately. And I've had two thoughts in my head that I thought you might wanna "hear".


Are we becoming our own P.I.M.P.’s?

Cleavages. Ass Exposures. Belly buttons. Sex Positions. That nasty look on their faces. All these spell SEX.

Isn’t it our fault that most men think of women as sex toys and nothing more?

Blame it on the countless I’m-wearing-nothing-but-my-cute-‘lil-thong pictures posted all over friendster. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But I’ve been browsing through so many friendster accounts out of boredom lately and see pictures of girls who are trying so hard to catch the attention of the opposite sex.

But why? For what reason? Well whatever reason it is, I just don’t see it to be…reasonable.

But what about celebrities?

Well, I guess that’s just part of their job, right? It’s included in the whole package.


I guess we really have to separate REAL women from CELEBRITIES. Not that I meant that in a bad way.

Seeing Jennifer Lopez’s picture in a thong – normal. Guys fantasize about her and she knows that.

Seeing your next door neighbor’s picture in a thong – deplorable. You might not be able to look at her in the face the next time you bump into her.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating again.

But you see, that’s reality. Women all around keep posting their half-naked pictures on friendster.

And you won’t even appreciate their bodies.

I don’t want to sound dire. But really, maybe all these women just have so MUCH guts in their bodies that they want to expose their bodies even if it isn’t really nice knowing that guys would respond to their… uhm… let’s just say what they’re trying to offer.

Either it’s a good f*ck or they simply just want to fantasized. Or drooled over, or talked about by guys (not to mention, men with perverted, twisted brains and which only functions when it thinks about women and sex).

They’re trying to put the spotlight on themselves through their not-so-little ways.
Oh c’mon. This is reality. Let’s face it. Why would they post such a picture in the first place?

To show-off? For us to be envious?

What is there to be envious about? If I had a body like Jennifer Lopez I would be showing it off not in the manner of baring more skin. Or rather, Ass.

You know, I know, We all know that doing such a thing, you would be branded a SLUT. As liberal as we want to be, Filipinos are still in THAT state of mind. And besides, even Americans bone when they see naked women. Regardless of the fact that they’ve seen dozens in real life. But hey, it’s not their fault is it? It’s in their nature to bone like 10 or more times a day.

So I’ve tackled like, two things here. Let’s not blame the men.

It’s US. It’s (1.) Women showing off their (2.) not-so-heavenly bodies.

But then, no matter how not-so-heavenly they all seem to be, guys still give the same response regardless of how it looks. So I guess it just works for every woman.

I just wish them the best of luck. Or the best f*ck. Ha ha.


Oftentimes, when we’re in love with someone, we say “I’m never going to love anyone as much as I’ve loved you” … but what if you don’t end up with that person and another one comes along? Could we still say the same line? Would we still feel the same? Would the relationship and the way we feel be better, or worse?

You see, that’s the reality of loving. Sometimes, no matter if it’s your first relationship, your second, fifth, or who knows how many… there’s just this one person you can give out that line to and really mean it.

Probably we all have the ONE, we all have that ONE person who’s really meant for us.

…but I guess it doesn’t mean we’re meant to be with them forever.

Maybe, for some of us, THE ONE isn’t the person we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives with.

Or maybe, we will end up with the one, who’s really meant for us – but let the person who you truly loved slip away.

Love can be tricky. So as life. But that’s all up to us, isn’t it?