I like it, and you can't do anything about it!

Baby, no matter how weird you think this sounds, I am definitely calling you it. And yes, it sounds better than swee'pea. Although I think it sounds cute, too.

AAAAAH! Whatever.

I need ta get a new picture. I really want to be photographed by a professional. Well, studio pictures would be fine but I really don't want it to look...tacky. Like those typical studio pictures. I don't want to be posing like as if I'm submitting my photo to FHM or Women's Magazine or something. I simply want something tasteful and classy. Like a white background, a spotlight, and me on a black dress that can show off my shoulder blades. I wish I had longer hair now.

And I really can't wait to have a picture of myself sunbathing or something. Chiez already has it,taken in Punta Fuego and she looks so damn hot! Honey has it too, and I must say : Honey, you're droolworthy just like that friend of yours, Pepoy.

Bora, to me is still a must-see. Good thing Mum will be providing me some...EHEM cash for my beachwear. Stoked, I'ma come and raid off yer Billabong goodies! That includes a beach towel,a beach bag,boardshorts, a 2-piece swimsuit and whaddyaknow? a nu pair of dem havaianas flips.

I will be going back ta the dorms in...two hours.

Did I mention? I "revised" my Shopping List this June.
I'm definitely PSYCHED! I've abstained from shopping for months now just to save all that energy I'm gonna be needing.

Caloi, I can't wait 'til we finally meet again, munch on some Bread Talk and walk around Greenbelt. Dang.
And no matter how much you hate Strawberry, you're getting me a Haagen Dazs' Strawberry Cheesecake. It'll serve as your birthday gift. Or maybe you could even get me Paris Hilton's Confessions of an Heiress. It's out on Powerbooks now. It'll only cost you a Thousand and fifty-five bucks. What was your last gift to me anyway? A Whopper, you dingy! You know, that whopper-making machine! When we make whopper sandwiches out of clay! I was 5 when you last gave me a gift. haha.

You know that new Fatboy Slim video, "The Joker"? Sho cute! Now there's a proof that lil kitties can act,too.

Okay I'm off! Gotta get that "Abs ala Paris" !