...but you can just kiss my tight ass.

I am actually in a VERY good mood right now. You know that feeling, when you think that the day is going to end up...shitty. And then all of a sudden everything just...turns out... right?

Do you actually see how God works?

Jeez. Nina, you should make that "God works in mysterious ways". Haha. Okay I'm not making sense.

Honey and I have this thing in common, she found out that some lame people hate her. Well Hon...I know you don't want to, but...welcome to the club girl! We should start up a club called "People hate us because we're too fucking beautiful to be in this world".

Okay not that I'm being all smug about it, but what can I say? People hate me for no apparent reason. Here I am blogging about my life, my ideas. And people hate me for it. Oooohhhh.... I'm commiting a crime pala! It's so fucking hilarious.

No. Silly.

It's so fucking silly. Sometimes people make me laugh my ass off.

You know what I love about Paris Hilton? I didn't actually like her at first. I used to hate her like hell. But ever since that sex video came out (which I have seen, btw), she just DIDN'T CARE. So what if she's consistently been in the Worst dressed celebrities list? Or that people think she's stupid, and that all she ever thinks about is Tinkerbell and boys and where she's gonna spend her money on and all that?

I love the way she doesn't give a shit about what other people think.

Anyway... ANDREW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Ohmygawd, what you just did is like...SHO SHWEET! It almost brought me to tears. No, really!

We will be turning...a year and three months on the 24th. We have plans! And I can't wait.

It feels so good that people hate me for having Andrew. God forgive me, but do you know that feeling when people hate you because you have this hot boyfriend who is...loyal, and sweet and makes you feel like the most beautiful girl on earth? They hate me because they're soooo damn jealous and can't get over it! Damn! Now, that's worth feeling good about. Sorry if I sound like a bitch, but people have been bitching about this since we got together and right now I just think of it as...something that brightens up my day.

Okay I'm boasting. Enough, Abbie. You might drive em schupid byotches crazy over envy. Hahaha!

I'm just trynna kick some ass, guys. Ride on!

And to clear things up...I am NOT a Carrie-wannabe. Mygawd. Carrie inspires me to write, and I know I said I'm A Carrie in the making, but that doesn't mean I write like Carrie. That wouldn't be original! HELLO? I do have my "I couldn't help but wonder" wonders but that doesn't mean I'm trying to BE Carrie. Where did you get that idea? And who are you?

There's something about what Andrew did and "Caught Up" playing in the background that lifted my spirits up. Or was it that I had another Passion Iced Tea? hahaha!

I'm not trying to attract any... negative...bad...comments.

Oh, and my Dad asked me if I wanted an iPod mini or the Zen (by Creative). If I was my brand-conscious self I would've went for the mini, no questions asked. But when I googled Zen up, it was one helluva mp3 player. Not that it only stores mp3s, but Videos, Pictures, it can even serve as a hard disk for your PC. Now that's my kinda gadget.


Kuya Allan was one of the "MPR BOYS". He would usually tease me by saying, "Abbie pa-text", while he has either a pencil, a screwdriver or a hook on his left hand, which, according to him will serve as my p900's stylus. Haha.

Kuya Allan who would always be there when we need him.
Kuya Allan who would brighten up your day.
Kuya Allan who knew everything about the "technical stuff".
Kuya Allan who was always pa-cute.

The last time I saw Kuya Allan, he teased me about my fone, and I stuck my tongue out, and that was it.

Not more than 2 days later, Kuya Allan died of a gunshot in the liver. Sir Valerio announced it in our Media Ethics class. I think I almost dropped my Starbucks Commuter Mug when I heard about it. I was shaking. It was unexpected. Deaths ARE always unexpected.

I just couldn't believe it.

From what I've heard, he was having his car fixed, and it was 2 in the morning. He stopped by Burger Machine, which at the time was being held up, and just as he was about to get his phone from his pocket, BANG! He was shot in the liver. And the bullet made it's way out...

He didn't even make it to the hospital.

At times I found myself wanting to cry. I know Kuya Allan and I aren't close. But knowing a person like him, as someone who's been good to you. It's hard not to.

I've been praying for justice.

To Kuya Allan, thank you.

Rest, Kuya Allan. will surely be missed.