Thank God It's Starbucks Day. Again.

Everyday is Starbucks Day. Ha ha!

And I finally bought another Starbucks Commuter Mug. Mmmhmm! I treated my Lola to Starbucks today, too. People behind the counter were like teasing me, "Bait, bait! "

I'd like to work at Starbucks one day, just for fun.

Okay, aside from being thankful that I've spent another day sipping on another Venti-sized Passion Iced Tea (now with Raspberry Syrup - finally), there are other things I am thankful for.

I'm thankful to the people behind PUBLICO, the USC's official magazine for putting my picture from the Fashion Expo on their issue. Okay, it might not sound like a big deal to any of you, but from the many, many models whose pictures they could include, I'm just so lucky to be one of them.

It's Ban-ban's birthday tomorrow. That lucky bastard is spending his summer in Jeddah. Munching on a lot of Al-Baik and Al tazaj with lotsa lotsa garlic sauce. Damn.

I lurve this line from Do Somethin'!

"...Now you all in my grill
Cause I say what I feel
Only rock to what’s real

Haha. Talk about feeling like this line was written just for you.

I can't wait 'til Summer Classes start.

Hey, that's next week. Ha ha! Ohwell. I like to feel that sense of being independent again. Hmm. And not to mention I miss having Burger King EVERYDAY!