Before you even think of what this means...

Nah. It's not what you think, unfortunately. (wha'??) Anyway...I was just thinking about my childhood. The days when nothing really mattered but what I was gonna have for breakfast, and when I was gonna have my new Barbie shipped from Manila.

When what I feared the most was my Dad scolding me for getting a really low grade in Math. And when all that made me happy was eating ice cream late at night while my parents and I watch a movie right after we close our video shop.

..when The Wonder Years was my all-time favorite tv show.

If only things were that simple now that I'm 18.

As we grow older, things get a lot more complicated.

What matters? If a week has passed and my boyfriend and I didn't have a single fight. What I fear the most is getting stalked. What makes me happy? To do what I've always dreamed of - to be a model.

..and now,I wouldn't even want to miss reruns of Sex and the City.

It's just a random thought.

Aah. Those virgin days. Sometimes I find myself thinking of how bad I want them back.

Call me crazy, but only if we could escape from our lives for a week...*sigh*

Don't get me wrong, I love being independent and all. But sometimes I think way too much, and my brain turns into this...busy street. So busy that I couldn't even hear myself anymore.

Just the horns.

I bet you don't understand a word I'm saying.

I'm in my nomadic state of mind again...anyways.

I'll be going back to the dorms tomorrow. I'm praying that I won't have any new dorm mates this summer. I'd like to have the dorm all to myself. Talk about wanting A LOT of privacy. And besides, I really am not in the mood of socializing. I don't want any more adjustments. Grr. And I'm gonna be doing a LOT of cleaning, too.

I'm psyched. It makes me feel so grown up.

See the irony of this post?

Oh, and...Happy 19th Birthday, Ban!