Me in my most bloodcurdling state.

If I hadn't trimmed my fingernails the other day, I could've been biting them right now, in between typing this entry.

Four days ago, I was euphoric, confident and determined. So I did it. I took that step. One step that could change my life forever.

I never understood why we always find ourselves to be digging this deep rut and jumping in it when it came to fulfilling our dreams and passions. Why are we always so scared shitless to do something we're good at, something we believe we were born to do, something we've always been dreaming of since we first thought of what we'd want to be when we're at least 5 feet tall?

This is Abbie in her most vulnerable.

I mean, sometimes I just get this nerve-racking feeling whenever I think about what I did four days ago. And thinking about rejection (God, no) from a panel of editors (as judges), I get so...anxious. But hey, haven't we all had our share of rejections? Besides, Elvis Presley (God bless him) have been rejected a few times right before that morning came and boom! He was the King of Rock'n'Roll.

I guess...just...never give up, Abbie. Never give up.

Why is it, that when someone stabs me in the back, I always opt for leaving the knife bashed through my skin, rather than pulling it out?

Also, why do I find it so hard to believe in myself? Thinking that if I do get there, they're all going to think of me as some poser. That I'm not what I am.
Sometimes, when people tell me that I'm ugly, stupid, that I look like a hanger or a walking bamboo stick, that they deserve my boyfriend more than I do...instead of walking tall with my chin up high, I have this tendency to just surrender. I bow my head and start to believe them.

This isn't good. This won't do me any good. I know me better. And I should know (above all people) that I want to do this, and that I shouldn't let anyone get in the way.

My God. I've been wanting to do this my whole life. And I already took that step. I pray it takes me somewhere. So many people love me and have faith in me. Isn't that enough? Why do I find it so hard believing in what they say, thinking that they just want to be nice, or encourage me or something? And that everytime I look in the mirror I'm just scared that they won't accept me, that I won't fit in. That even when it came to the one thing I've always wanted to do, I get judged. That I am just never enough for anything.

As my friend, you can do one thing: Pray for me.

I mean, friends are great to have, especially in times like these. But God knows what to do. God knows me, God knows that I've been wanting this. That's a given. He WILL help.

Promise me, you guys. No matter what happens, you'll still think of me that way. The last thing I need is losing respect from the people I love the most. Just help me get through this.

Hopefully, when I open my eyes later, this will all be gone. And I'll feel as euphoric, as confident and as determined as I was four days ago. Come to think of it. I finally did it. I took that teeny little step. And it should mean a lot. I should be happy, duh.

Yeah! Duh, Abbie! What are you nitpicking about then, huh? Jeez.



Mr. Leeobryan Mallari Lim. This moron has been one of my bestest bestest bestest guyfriends. EVER.

Let me start off by telling y'all how we met...

I was "the new girl" back then, I just flew in from the Philippines. It was pretty scary since everyone was looking at me. I remember while I was in the car, and Tito Walter was like, "Okay, so this is the school" about butterflies AND bees in your stomach. Anyways, I had a REALLY rough time adjusting to everyone. I even remember a few girls from my classroom looking at my tee's tag to see if what brand it was. Yeah, it was ODD, I tell ya.

I was supposed to be in the first section, which was A, where Ban was. But it was already full so I had no choice, since I was a latecomer, I got into the last section.

Yada-yada-yada, other girls hated me, called me a whore for wearing a skirt, yada-yada-yada.

And whenever I saw Ban pass by, I'd be like.."Nako yan na, dadaan na yung basura!" I guess I just saw the resemblance. (kidding!)

I transferred to another school, and didn't come back 'til it was the last "quarter" of 2nd year, where I finally got in Section A ( I prayed so hard about it because my bestfriend Ayah was there), and Ban happened to be in that section too (boohoo! that smart-ass),and I can still sense that he felt bad about me being there (snorts). But when we were grouped into the "Wednesday cleaners" along with Jaja and the others, I guess that's what changed everything. It was the start of a beeeyutiful friendship.

We started talking..all because of this littttle green joke he made about all the hair scattered in our bathroom floor. Next thing we knew we were making fun of... "the hair down there". We were so pathetic but at the same time we were both enjoying ourselves, just being so open about stuff like that to each other.

A few days later, we started to get close. Playing all those card games with Leslie and Alfred in our free time (remember that, Ban? We used to laugh like hell, and you had such a teeny voice that time! I have it on tape!), joking around, cheating exams... (sigh) The good 'ol days.

Third year, we didn't get to be classmates, but we were still good friends. We both hung out wit the same crowd (Third year was one of the BEST because i was IN the BEST section, where all the crazy beautiful people are in. You can find every kind of student in that section. I guess Strell Ann is one of the people who kept us together. I remember when I ran for P.R.O. (Student Council), all those fun times we had hanging out at Strell's place, that time when they were pushing the van to start and I was eating this frozen thingy and it spilled all over me when the van started moving...

But I CANNOT forget that time when I had a MAJOR crush on Ban! It was summer, he and Carlo came over to visit me at home ( Time for Popeye's and Pizza guys! ), I remember being struck and all that.

But that was also the year Ja and I got together. So, we had to keep a litttle distance from each other. But no one could stop us from hanging out the way we used to.

Ban has been a BIG part of my highschool life. Highschool would never have been that way if he weren't my friend ( and if Jays and I hadn't patched up as well ). And up to this day, even if we don't hang out that much anymore, even if we're in the same school, I could still say that Ban and I still see each other the same way. I know I was one of his best girlfriends then as well. And I still get jealous whenever some girl would try to steal that "title" from me. When some of his college friends would claim him to be theirs or something. NO WAY! Girls back in Jeddah would hate me for having him as my bestfriend. But I fought for that! (snorts) Ban, I know you have no idea why I'm saying this, but I want to apologize. For not being able to be with you guys that much. And I know that we both have different things to focus on right now, but I just want you to know (in the name of all things cheesy) that I still love you, you're still my bestfriend, and nothing's gonna change that! and I miss you so much, too.

I hope we all hang-out again sometime. And be the dorks we've always been. I'll see you in school, okay? MWAH!

I hope you see things that way as well.


Rich people step on shit, too.

And not just rich! I mean, hot and pretty famous people.

People like Denise! See, Denise inspired me in so many things. I've been an avid reader of her blog. Her blog and Ala's inspired me to just keep things simple. Like this one. That's why I put them on the credits.

I was reading her reaaallly cool post about her list of things hot and not, and all of a sudden she gets bombarded by these people (1 anonymous and two very brave girls who left their names).

She said something about Kris Aquino not being hot. But she started off with saying NO OFFENSE. And for being Kris Aquino's cousin (she's a far relative, like 2nd, 3rd degree cousin. My Gramps and Ninoy Aquino were cousins), I wasn't offended in any way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And besides, seeing Kris...well, we all are aware that not everyone likes her, and the things she does. She knows that, but she still carries on with her life, which is what I love most about her. I never got to hang-out with her though. But Mom did. Waaay back when they were all in tights. Ick.

Anyways, I just got pretty shocked since Dee ALWAYS gets nice tags from bloghoppers. This is the first time I've seen a negative comment on her tagboard.
Oh, and... Bullish's blog rocks,too! He is such a kick-ass writer. I like the way his brain works. He's in the credits as well. People who have inspired me to make this blog better is in the list. Not that this is A kick-ass blog, know what I mean. I like people who write with humor. And everytime he writes goobledygook, he still makes sense! And only a few people can pull that off. So you can just imagine his talent. His posts never fails to make me crack.

Don't you just love blogging? So many unheard voices...and you can hear allof'em - just a click away. From one minute to another, you're witnessing life in someone else's pair of aviators. Aah. God bless technology.

I've gone too far from the subject. Everytime this happens, it means my brain cells are dying on me again. At least I'm not in the middle of Sir Rivera's exam or something. Because I would definitely bang my freakin' head on the wall 'til they all wake up and decide to help me not look stupid. Or sound stupid. Or write stupid.
Wait,I am writing stupid now. Boohoo. Sometimes I wanna ask my mother if she ever drank while I was in her belly. Maybe Mom's to blame. Or did I inherit this? But no one in the family is crazy. Maybe there is. Oh no. It can't me my Pop! No way. Or is it Gramma?

Ah, shut up Abbie. Damn you, brain cells!


Don't open your eyes yet.... Dammit!

I hate it when I wake up and don't want to. Ugh. Most times I'd like to close them again, but I couldn't get myself back to that dreaming state. Usually daydreaming helps, but it only works in the afternoon for me.

But since I finally made a pact with myself that I should adapt this new habit of smiling first thing in the morning, despite how shitty it's been. And so I went to the bathroom and started flirting with myself. It helps keeping that slate clean.

It's raining today. And when I'm home that's always good. I like pulling the drapes down so it'd be dark in my room, the airconditioning is on, and I'd lie down in bed, all snuggled up in that really comf'tble comforter I have, daydream and listen to the rain.


We will be watching Madagascar today. The trailer never failed to make me chuckle.

Lance asked me if I was gonna leave the background this way. I told him that this is how it's supposed to be. My last blog was a mess. And besides, it's better that people pay more attention to what I have to say rather than what's new on my vanity corner. I guess it's one smart move. You do agree, don't you?

I made myself drool at Stoked again. Yesterday I decided to check if there were any new suits out. Thankfully there were. I canvassed everything that I needed for Bora. This needs mucho preparation! This is THE trip of the summer. This is Bora, for crying out loud! Many of my friends say that it's dirty now. But luv, Bora will always be Bora to me. That must-see beach. Which reminds me, I'ma go get myself THE BEACH soundtrack. (snorts)

Ugh,close those eyes, gadddddammit, and stop talking already!


Strangers can do you geeeeuuhd.

Ever had a time in your life when people you don't even know are the ones responsible for making you happy?

I've never experienced a day in my life, that people I meet in the street, share a jeepney ride with, stand in line at bread talk with,that nice lady at Stoked, and the security guard who opened the door for me at Starbucks...are the ones who'd brighten up my day. It's... indescribable. I wish I'd meet people as nice as they are every single time I drag my ass out of the house.

Erm, today...
I got my Media Ethics classcard. A whooping 3.75! (We use a different grading system. a 4 for us is a 1 for the atenistas. So, you do the calculating.) I got a 3.5 for both my term papers. Nice.

Sir Valerio and I were supposed to natter about the Da Vinci Code (I'm currently reading it now). But I slept at 4 A.M., got up lethargic at 10. I was whining about it. And being the slug that I am, left the house at 11 (which was the time we were supposed to meet Sir Valerio)...and you know what's next. That's why this line started with the word SUPPOSED.

I had a great time with Andrew. His friends were mocking him since he was wearing his trusty shorts and slippers ( and it eventually got broken, so I got him my pair of ancient furry flips - which was printed by the way...leopard. Haha. Had those since high school! )

Hold it! The helpless romantic wants to say something:

We were inseparable. If there weren't anyone around the canteen we'd make-out. Actually we wanted to. Common decency stopped us. (snorts)
Did you ever feel that way, when you hold on to that person that you just love so much... you seem to not wanna let go of that person, and I don't just mean physically. It's like you always want that part of yourself to be with him, and vice versa... And it's like, no matter how inane he looks, you still look at him like he's hands-down gorgeous. The way Andrew makes me feel... no one else could make me feel that way. I swear. (Damn, Abbie. In the name of all things cheesy!)
Just talking about him makes me melt.

I love that guy so much. (giggle)

Okay. I should stop before I pull off a Wicked Witch of the West melting scene. (Only nicer. I'm just green-minded, not a green woman.)

Wrapping things up...I was walking at Corte De Las Palmas skipping like a 'lil girl with a basketful of candy. In my case, my supply of Floss from Bread Talk, my Venti-sized Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks and a copy of Chalk's latest ish.

(I've noticed I've been spending a lot on Magazines. Mega, Preview, Seventeen, Meg, TeenVogue, etc. It's like living my froshie years again. I used to spend like, PHP700+ merely on the latest international magazines. Cosmogirl and Teenvogue has always been a favorite.)

Yeah. So I said I was wrapping things up. I wish I had another wrap of Floss.
And I wish I had Andrew right now. Nothing beats being next to him.

(And I remember that time we celebrated our Anniversary at White Beach in Galera. Nothing beats seeing him next to me first thing in the morning. Nothing beats having him carry me around like I'm a fragile 'lil newborn baby. Nothing beats him pulling up the covers for me. And nothing beats being in an island for three days, when we both were strangers to everybody there, somewhat having a world of our own. When it felt like we had each other...all to ourselves... Escaping the world. Sigh.)

Okay stop. I said I was wrapping things up. Strike 2.

I wish I had more days like this. Thank God for days like this.


Arbitrary Notions.

It was raining real hard and I could feel the rain slap on my legs. Good thing I wore my pink chucks today. I was headed for the terminal. I saw a mother pulling her kid by the arm in the rain. A few steps from the public market. She looked so furious, and all of a sudden she spanks her kid so hard by the ass. At first she looked like it didn't feel shit. 10 seconds later, she opened her mouth so wide and gave out to a cry. Unsatisfied,her mother contented herself with another one. This time, she went into "detail" by pinching her near the buttocks.

I thought about my Mother. I tried to recall humiliating moments such as those. So far, all that my Mom and I have ever done was bawl at each other in public. And that was way back in Palawan. When I was 10. Throwing another one of my signature spoiled fits. A few trace of flashbacks were playing mute in my head but I couldn't tell if they really happened and I just obliterated them from my memory. Or if I was just trying to put myself in those 'lil girl's depleted islanders.

There are things in life that are too excruciaticng to remember. Childhood memories of your father slapping you in the face just because you can't answer a simple mathematical equation like, what's 50+50 for the simple reason that your brain is a lot more focused on your father's raised hand rather than calculating that simple equation. Or that one time when you first fell in love, and you take that first big plunge, ending up in an empty, molded swimming pool. Or that time when you walk on the school grounds with your chin held high and within minutes of feeling euphoric, you end up with your chin on the ground.

It's those moments that affect different people. To us it may be shallow. To them however,could mean their life.

And there are some painfully beautiful experiences, like that time when you first got your heart broken. No matter how painful it ended, the experience just makes you want to hold on to it.

That's the helpless romantic talking.

It all comes down to choosing the painful experiences to forget. And the painful experiences to hold on to.
It's like not caring to hold on to a golden barbed wire.


Anxious, Anxious, Anxious.

I really just can't wait to feel the sands of Boracay on my bare feet.

I've been daydreaming about it. Okay, call me crazy but I've always dreamt of going to Boracay. And now it's finally hap'nin!

We will be staying at Friday's (No, not T.G.I. Friday's, silly).

Wipee! I really just can't wait any longer! I wish I'd wake up tomorrow and it's June 9.

Anyways, I'm almost done with this blog. I want a picture of myself wit a banana. I did Andrew's new blog, too. But I'm not closely done with that.

I miss Bebi. He wrote me the sweetest testimo today. One that I never thought he would be able to compose. *sigh* Love, Love, Love.

Okay, summer is actually draining out all the good stories I'm supposed to post. I'm tired. You know what that means.


Shitty Days.

I bet we all have gone through it.

You get out of bed, and just as soon as your eyes adjust to the light coming through your window, you get this feeling...

"Damn, this isn't good."

Could it be the way I got up? Should I have gotten up on my side, instead of the upright position, Should I have opened my eyes focusing on something else and not on the wall clock, Should I have thought of something better rather than wondering on what am I gonna be strutting down the Lake Avenue with?

And then you just can't keep up with your temper. Whether it's a boyfriend making a fool out of himself, or a Professor bugging you to delete YOUR files on YOUR PERSONAL Laptop to make way for this 60 second teaser she wants you to edit for her. (For free, and I'm not part of that organization, in which the teaser's meant for). Anyway, whatever triggers that nerve of yours, you just can't keep up. You lose control over yourself, and the next thing you know, you're throwing a fit. At anyone who is 5 inches away from you regardless of how pathetic and shallow the reasons are.

Shitty Days can be so... shitty. Shittier than you think.

Shitty Days are like...walking on roads covered with nothing but.. Shit.

Here I am ranting about my shitty day that's not even making sense.

Gawd, I need a life. Fortunately, I will be having one - again.
Look at me, I don't have a nightlife, it's been eons since I last saw my friends,the only person who actually knows that I exist is my boyfriend (I'm not complaining, Luv), and I barely go out by myself. But I guess that last part is a good thing.

On the lighter side of things, it has been confirmed, Thank God. I will be heading ta the Fabulous island of Boracay tentatively on the 6th.

Sigh. It's relieving to know I'm finally having time to unwind. I will be going there with my cousins, My Uncle and Aunt. And I just so CANNOT wait. Looks like there's gonna be a lot hap'nin on June. Aside from me hitting the BIG 19 (yes I consider that old. Damn, I don't wanna be 19 yet! It's too hard to accept), in which I will be going on a shop-til-you-drop mode.

BTW, My MP3 player's finally made it's way ta my hands. It's just an AN Mp3 player, it's THE Creative Zen Portable Media Center, where you can't just store songs, but videos and pictures as well. And the best part? 20 GB, baby! So far I made the right decision of picking this over an iPod mini. No offense ta MAC fans. I've already stored about 5 of my favorite episodes from Sex and the City's Season 4 (which a personal fave of mine).

Andrew finally managed ta appreciate it, and we've been watching it together for quite some time now. We just watched a coupl'a epis on my player at lunch.

I just hope this shitty day won't end that.

Another boring entry from a person with no life whatsoever. Damn.



Whatever that means.

I'm finally letting go of this blog, and will be posting on a new one that I've decided to keep private until it's "ready" to be...again, read by the public. I'm currently working on it's new template. I've just installed Macromedia Dreamweaver - a program where you can create websites.

Sigh. This blog has too much shit dangling around. Too many shit written all over it and too many nonsense, shitty people dangling around it as well.

It's time to play deaf for awhile. And probably just listen to myself.

Yeah, I'd like that.


My Forbidden Euphoria.

We've all got to start fresh.

So long to my old blog. I've been blogging for over two years now, and it's just time to let go.

I've been having those moments when I just realize that life has just gotten better. Therefore lead me to the conclusion that I have to start anew - in terms of my space.

Apparently, my old blog has far more shit than I could handle. So here I am. This blog will be my "retreat".

Which translates to "This is where I will be hiding my ass".

I've been working on a new template for the past few days. Fresh, clean and simple. So...So long to my past, to my wall of vanity, and to all the bullshit I've been blogging about.

Or at least I think so.

What's important is, I'm doing this because I want to start anew.

Even if this looks like crap, I'm happy I finally got the courage to leave the past where it's supposed to be - in the past.

Enough of trying to make the past present.

It's time to face the future. The future that I never thought would get here. Guess I was just turning my back on it the whole time.

So, Hello future. Goodbye forbidden euphoria.



Looks like it's not only Honey who gets shitty tagboard messages.

Okay, so there will be some changes. I've decided to take out my tagboard because of people reacting to my posts, people who I don't even know.

It looks like I was born to be judged. But I don't wanna hear all the shitty things people have to say about me, because I don't have to. Besides,you are in no position to call me stupid, to say that I have an empty brain and that it would soon pop out of my skeleton frame. And that I have no skill in writing. It's such a shame that people have turned so pathetic that all they think of doing is judge other people.

And all this just because I've been such a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw.

You said it yourself, "Somebody", you're JUST a bloghopper, you don't know me. How can you talk to someone you don't even know that way? Is this how your parents brought you up? And why not tag using your real name? You don't know me, what are you so scared about?

I won't judge you. I guess I'm just not as narrow-minded as you are. You hate me for no reason. At least none I could think of. I thought so since you DID mention it yourself, that you don't know me personally.

Isn't funny, how people criticize other people, laugh at them for their mistakes, and think of themselves highly like they know everything, and that they're the smartest creations of God?

Okay, if you didn't like what I said about me "following" Carrie's footsteps, if you think that I write shit, then I guess I'll just leave you thinking just that.

First of all, I don't owe you any explanations. And if there is one judgment I would make, it is simply that you are nothing to me but like the rest.

And I won't explain what THE REST means to me.

I'll continue writing shit, you can go on with your judgment. This time, however... you can keep it to yourselves, gossip about how you had an encounter with a blog with nothing written on it but shit (or whatever word you'd like to replace with shit), and I can go on and live my life, the way I should, not caring about what people like YOU would have to say about me, my life, and my texts. In that way, we'll both live life happily.

But in the end of all this, you'd still feel like shitting on my face, you'll always find ways to. If you're that desperate, you'll find me.

People like you always do.

For the meantime, let me enjoy the blessings of life, of God, of my parents, and all the people who love and believe in me. No matter how empty you think this brain is, and how bony this figure is, thankfully there are still people in this world who are, and will always be on my side.

For all we know, God loves the judged. I just wish you more luck in life. And one day, I WILL.




My friend Aiman Diza used to sing this is such a catchy tune, and he's always made it a habit ta sing it everytime he entered the room. It kinda rubbed off everybody. I just can't think of a title so... here.

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UPPER! EYUCH, YOU'RE OLD! Haha! Love you girl...Miss having you around at the dorms!


I've created a ghost. Yes, and it's living inside my head. It's like whenever I try ta sleep, my brain says "Don't! If you close your eyes don't open them or'll see something VERRRRY creeeepy". Thus, it resulted to the MANY sleepless nights. And the many, many hissy fits I've been throwing at my own boyfriend.

Damn those japs and their neverending production of horror flicks.

It's hard not to go crazy when you're all alone in a dorm room. I feel like I've turned into this claustrophobic who keeps seeing things at the corner of my eye, believing that I won't wake up the next day due to monsters or ghosts trying to get into my body or take my soul away or something.

Yes, being alone, when you're not used to it. Can drive you crazy like that.

I've been reading Isabel Allende's " The house of the Spirits " lately. No, it's got nothing to do about spirits, at least not in that context. Thanks to Sir Valerio, he was right about me liking it. Next in line is Gabriel Garcia Marquez's " Love in the time of Cholera ". I've been reading books ever since I was in grade school. Now I realized they also make a great accessory! For your brain, that is. And I've also developed this habit of writing down words that I can't understand and check them in the dictionary when I'm done reading the book.

Speaking of Sir Valerio, he is definitely one of my favorite professors of all time (besides Sir Rivera), that's what makes me respect him so much. And I hate it whenever I oversleep and miss his class. I love Sir Valerio's style of teaching. In short, I love him! He's the best! And he's a cool guy to hang out with,too. There are no so-so convos with him since he's very smart and has a lot to share. I'm thankful somehow I'm close to him. And for telling me where I could find I LOVE YOU since y'all know I've been so dying to shop there ever since I saw it on F. I love vintage. And I am SO going there on my birthday to shop. Thanks, Sir V. You rock!!!

I will be getting my mp3 player this Sunday. I will be posting a picture on my photo album at Friendster, of all the gadgets that I own. All these because I'm a techie freak. Blame it on my Dad. Thanks Pop, for the influence. Aside from the music. Now I've been so obsessed with all sorts of gadgets. Gaak!

There's this girl in Friendster who BELIEVES that I wanted ta steal her boyfriend away from her. From the last time I visited her profile, she wrote, " I hate soci girls. You think you're pretty just because you're soci?...I hate girls who make papansin to ******..."

My initial reaction? DUH!!!! I know that she was referring to me. In the first place I know that she's just being protective and all that since he is kinda cute. And we've been friends since first year, even before they got together. I hate it that she thinks of me as "competition" that I flirt with her boyfriend. This girl and I have been friends before. This one time, we both were contestants in this pageant, we'd even hang our arms around each other backstage. I don't know what pushed her to think that I was seducing him in some way. Maybe because he still kept calling me. Or see me secretly. Maybe she knew that he still wanted to court me even if they were together. Maybe she knew that he fell in love with me.

It's not my fault, and not my problem. Ever since I knew about his feelings for me, I stopped answering his phone calls, stopped greeting him in the hallway or something.

But anyway, the point I'm trying to make is how I hate her for hating me for that. And for thinking that I'd steal him away.

HELLLLO? I'm SOOOO satisfied with MY GUY. I don't need hers. Or any other elses.


Ohwell. I have nothing to do with her, and I wanna leave it at that. Even if this means I lose my friendship with her boyfriend, that would be fine with me. I don't wanna get involved into things that would ruin my life (in the first place) and their relationship. The only advice I could give her is this : Stop bragging about hating girl(s) trying to break your relationship. If you're talking to ME, I'm sorry but it doesn't affect me in that way AT ALL. I'm not trying to steal him away, neither am I trying to break you guys apart. He's all yours, sweetie. Don't make me a problem because I'm not what you think. I wouldn't fall for a guy who doesn't have the word monogamy written in his vocabulary. I'm not that kind of girl.

Again, like the rest of those byotches, I'm so sorry to burst your bubble.

Sheez. People. I'm starting to believe Freud now.
"People, by nature...are perverts."

Yes we are.