My friend Aiman Diza used to sing this is such a catchy tune, and he's always made it a habit ta sing it everytime he entered the room. It kinda rubbed off everybody. I just can't think of a title so... here.

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UPPER! EYUCH, YOU'RE OLD! Haha! Love you girl...Miss having you around at the dorms!


I've created a ghost. Yes, and it's living inside my head. It's like whenever I try ta sleep, my brain says "Don't! If you close your eyes don't open them or'll see something VERRRRY creeeepy". Thus, it resulted to the MANY sleepless nights. And the many, many hissy fits I've been throwing at my own boyfriend.

Damn those japs and their neverending production of horror flicks.

It's hard not to go crazy when you're all alone in a dorm room. I feel like I've turned into this claustrophobic who keeps seeing things at the corner of my eye, believing that I won't wake up the next day due to monsters or ghosts trying to get into my body or take my soul away or something.

Yes, being alone, when you're not used to it. Can drive you crazy like that.

I've been reading Isabel Allende's " The house of the Spirits " lately. No, it's got nothing to do about spirits, at least not in that context. Thanks to Sir Valerio, he was right about me liking it. Next in line is Gabriel Garcia Marquez's " Love in the time of Cholera ". I've been reading books ever since I was in grade school. Now I realized they also make a great accessory! For your brain, that is. And I've also developed this habit of writing down words that I can't understand and check them in the dictionary when I'm done reading the book.

Speaking of Sir Valerio, he is definitely one of my favorite professors of all time (besides Sir Rivera), that's what makes me respect him so much. And I hate it whenever I oversleep and miss his class. I love Sir Valerio's style of teaching. In short, I love him! He's the best! And he's a cool guy to hang out with,too. There are no so-so convos with him since he's very smart and has a lot to share. I'm thankful somehow I'm close to him. And for telling me where I could find I LOVE YOU since y'all know I've been so dying to shop there ever since I saw it on F. I love vintage. And I am SO going there on my birthday to shop. Thanks, Sir V. You rock!!!

I will be getting my mp3 player this Sunday. I will be posting a picture on my photo album at Friendster, of all the gadgets that I own. All these because I'm a techie freak. Blame it on my Dad. Thanks Pop, for the influence. Aside from the music. Now I've been so obsessed with all sorts of gadgets. Gaak!

There's this girl in Friendster who BELIEVES that I wanted ta steal her boyfriend away from her. From the last time I visited her profile, she wrote, " I hate soci girls. You think you're pretty just because you're soci?...I hate girls who make papansin to ******..."

My initial reaction? DUH!!!! I know that she was referring to me. In the first place I know that she's just being protective and all that since he is kinda cute. And we've been friends since first year, even before they got together. I hate it that she thinks of me as "competition" that I flirt with her boyfriend. This girl and I have been friends before. This one time, we both were contestants in this pageant, we'd even hang our arms around each other backstage. I don't know what pushed her to think that I was seducing him in some way. Maybe because he still kept calling me. Or see me secretly. Maybe she knew that he still wanted to court me even if they were together. Maybe she knew that he fell in love with me.

It's not my fault, and not my problem. Ever since I knew about his feelings for me, I stopped answering his phone calls, stopped greeting him in the hallway or something.

But anyway, the point I'm trying to make is how I hate her for hating me for that. And for thinking that I'd steal him away.

HELLLLO? I'm SOOOO satisfied with MY GUY. I don't need hers. Or any other elses.


Ohwell. I have nothing to do with her, and I wanna leave it at that. Even if this means I lose my friendship with her boyfriend, that would be fine with me. I don't wanna get involved into things that would ruin my life (in the first place) and their relationship. The only advice I could give her is this : Stop bragging about hating girl(s) trying to break your relationship. If you're talking to ME, I'm sorry but it doesn't affect me in that way AT ALL. I'm not trying to steal him away, neither am I trying to break you guys apart. He's all yours, sweetie. Don't make me a problem because I'm not what you think. I wouldn't fall for a guy who doesn't have the word monogamy written in his vocabulary. I'm not that kind of girl.

Again, like the rest of those byotches, I'm so sorry to burst your bubble.

Sheez. People. I'm starting to believe Freud now.
"People, by nature...are perverts."

Yes we are.