Mr. Leeobryan Mallari Lim. This moron has been one of my bestest bestest bestest guyfriends. EVER.

Let me start off by telling y'all how we met...

I was "the new girl" back then, I just flew in from the Philippines. It was pretty scary since everyone was looking at me. I remember while I was in the car, and Tito Walter was like, "Okay, so this is the school"...talk about butterflies AND bees in your stomach. Anyways, I had a REALLY rough time adjusting to everyone. I even remember a few girls from my classroom looking at my tee's tag to see if what brand it was. Yeah, it was ODD, I tell ya.

I was supposed to be in the first section, which was A, where Ban was. But it was already full so I had no choice, since I was a latecomer, I got into the last section.

Yada-yada-yada, other girls hated me, called me a whore for wearing a skirt, yada-yada-yada.

And whenever I saw Ban pass by, I'd be like.."Nako yan na, dadaan na yung basura!" I guess I just saw the resemblance. (kidding!)

I transferred to another school, and didn't come back 'til it was the last "quarter" of 2nd year, where I finally got in Section A ( I prayed so hard about it because my bestfriend Ayah was there), and Ban happened to be in that section too (boohoo! that smart-ass),and I can still sense that he felt bad about me being there (snorts). But when we were grouped into the "Wednesday cleaners" along with Jaja and the others, I guess that's what changed everything. It was the start of a beeeyutiful friendship.

We started talking..all because of this littttle green joke he made about all the hair scattered in our bathroom floor. Next thing we knew we were making fun of... "the hair down there". We were so pathetic but at the same time we were both enjoying ourselves, just being so open about stuff like that to each other.

A few days later, we started to get close. Playing all those card games with Leslie and Alfred in our free time (remember that, Ban? We used to laugh like hell, and you had such a teeny voice that time! I have it on tape!), joking around, cheating exams... (sigh) The good 'ol days.

Third year, we didn't get to be classmates, but we were still good friends. We both hung out wit the same crowd (Third year was one of the BEST because i was IN the BEST section, where all the crazy beautiful people are in. You can find every kind of student in that section. I guess Strell Ann is one of the people who kept us together. I remember when I ran for P.R.O. (Student Council), all those fun times we had hanging out at Strell's place, that time when they were pushing the van to start and I was eating this frozen thingy and it spilled all over me when the van started moving...

But I CANNOT forget that time when I had a MAJOR crush on Ban! It was summer, he and Carlo came over to visit me at home ( Time for Popeye's and Pizza guys! ), I remember being struck and all that.

But that was also the year Ja and I got together. So, we had to keep a litttle distance from each other. But no one could stop us from hanging out the way we used to.

Ban has been a BIG part of my highschool life. Highschool would never have been that way if he weren't my friend ( and if Jays and I hadn't patched up as well ). And up to this day, even if we don't hang out that much anymore, even if we're in the same school, I could still say that Ban and I still see each other the same way. I know I was one of his best girlfriends then as well. And I still get jealous whenever some girl would try to steal that "title" from me. When some of his college friends would claim him to be theirs or something. NO WAY! Girls back in Jeddah would hate me for having him as my bestfriend. But I fought for that! (snorts)

So...to Ban, I know you have no idea why I'm saying this, but I want to apologize. For not being able to be with you guys that much. And I know that we both have different things to focus on right now, but I just want you to know (in the name of all things cheesy) that I still love you, you're still my bestfriend, and nothing's gonna change that! and I miss you so much, too.

I hope we all hang-out again sometime. And be the dorks we've always been. I'll see you in school, okay? MWAH!

I hope you see things that way as well.