Don't open your eyes yet.... Dammit!

I hate it when I wake up and don't want to. Ugh. Most times I'd like to close them again, but I couldn't get myself back to that dreaming state. Usually daydreaming helps, but it only works in the afternoon for me.

But since I finally made a pact with myself that I should adapt this new habit of smiling first thing in the morning, despite how shitty it's been. And so I went to the bathroom and started flirting with myself. It helps keeping that slate clean.

It's raining today. And when I'm home that's always good. I like pulling the drapes down so it'd be dark in my room, the airconditioning is on, and I'd lie down in bed, all snuggled up in that really comf'tble comforter I have, daydream and listen to the rain.


We will be watching Madagascar today. The trailer never failed to make me chuckle.

Lance asked me if I was gonna leave the background this way. I told him that this is how it's supposed to be. My last blog was a mess. And besides, it's better that people pay more attention to what I have to say rather than what's new on my vanity corner. I guess it's one smart move. You do agree, don't you?

I made myself drool at Stoked again. Yesterday I decided to check if there were any new suits out. Thankfully there were. I canvassed everything that I needed for Bora. This needs mucho preparation! This is THE trip of the summer. This is Bora, for crying out loud! Many of my friends say that it's dirty now. But luv, Bora will always be Bora to me. That must-see beach. Which reminds me, I'ma go get myself THE BEACH soundtrack. (snorts)

Ugh,close those eyes, gadddddammit, and stop talking already!