Looks like it's not only Honey who gets shitty tagboard messages.

Okay, so there will be some changes. I've decided to take out my tagboard because of people reacting to my posts, people who I don't even know.

It looks like I was born to be judged. But I don't wanna hear all the shitty things people have to say about me, because I don't have to. Besides,you are in no position to call me stupid, to say that I have an empty brain and that it would soon pop out of my skeleton frame. And that I have no skill in writing. It's such a shame that people have turned so pathetic that all they think of doing is judge other people.

And all this just because I've been such a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw.

You said it yourself, "Somebody", you're JUST a bloghopper, you don't know me. How can you talk to someone you don't even know that way? Is this how your parents brought you up? And why not tag using your real name? You don't know me, what are you so scared about?

I won't judge you. I guess I'm just not as narrow-minded as you are. You hate me for no reason. At least none I could think of. I thought so since you DID mention it yourself, that you don't know me personally.

Isn't funny, how people criticize other people, laugh at them for their mistakes, and think of themselves highly like they know everything, and that they're the smartest creations of God?

Okay, if you didn't like what I said about me "following" Carrie's footsteps, if you think that I write shit, then I guess I'll just leave you thinking just that.

First of all, I don't owe you any explanations. And if there is one judgment I would make, it is simply that you are nothing to me but like the rest.

And I won't explain what THE REST means to me.

I'll continue writing shit, you can go on with your judgment. This time, however... you can keep it to yourselves, gossip about how you had an encounter with a blog with nothing written on it but shit (or whatever word you'd like to replace with shit), and I can go on and live my life, the way I should, not caring about what people like YOU would have to say about me, my life, and my texts. In that way, we'll both live life happily.

But in the end of all this, you'd still feel like shitting on my face, you'll always find ways to. If you're that desperate, you'll find me.

People like you always do.

For the meantime, let me enjoy the blessings of life, of God, of my parents, and all the people who love and believe in me. No matter how empty you think this brain is, and how bony this figure is, thankfully there are still people in this world who are, and will always be on my side.

For all we know, God loves the judged. I just wish you more luck in life. And one day, I WILL.