Methinks gobbledygook.

Usually, when my mind wanders off while I'm in the passenger's seat, I'd think mostly about the future. Things were different today. I thought about the past. And being the control freak that I am, I took out my p900, got the stylus and inscribed all my thoughts down on jotter. So I wrote, thought, wrote,'s pretty much nonsense, but it's those type of things that just pop up in your head when you think about the past.

This is what I came up with:
Yuchengco Tower. Chuck'n'Cheese's. Jeddah. IPSJ. Mom - airport. Palawan. Pop.

And since I'm bored, and this would be one way for me to keep 'em brain cells from working, I decided to tell you more about them. And since I was inspired from Isabel Allende's THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS, it's not in chronological order.

Whenever my mom would come home from Jeddah, we'd always go to the Yuchengco Tower in Makati. I remember myself pretty much in awe because I liked how the building looked. It's like this smaller version of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell if you look at it. There was a spa, and a gym... and the place looked so peaceful so it made me kind of comf'table being around. I also like the huge bronze colored statues of Filipino heroes outside. I actually didn't think it would look that classy, looking at it from the outside. Hmm.

One of the best amusement parks I've been to is Chuck'n'Cheese's in Jeddah. I went there with Ann,Ajin,Jays,Ban and Ja. Gawd, I definitely had a BLAST being there. It was one of those impromptu let's-all-drag-our-asses-somewhere moments. We enjoyed playing all the games there (take note: all the tokens were free. And so as the pizza. Can you say "CONNECTIONS"?). We were all acting like deranged little children, riding bump cars, playing daytona and all the other silly games around. But we REALLY had fun. We had so much fun that even if I went home at 1 A.M. on a schoolnight with Pop turning red in anger, it was ALLLL worth it. One of the best nights of my life. Not to mention, riding those friggin bump cars making fun of two arabs who looked much like Marijun and L.K. Don't ask. (snorts)

I remember getting down from the airplane with my eyes all watery. Not because I was sad...because of the heat. And when a good friend of Pop's, Tito Leo drove us to our flat, it was a mixture of excitement and nostalgia. My room was blank. All I had was a white ikea study table, a single sized bed and a small cabinet. I cried myself to sleep that night. Thankfully, I brought a piece of home with me, my brother (my cat) Jason. I remember that night clearly. I still remember the white ceiling, the images carved on it. And I remember my parents sitting on the carpeted hallway, talking. Buying new comforters, cabinets, clothes and abayas were the best part. I also shopped a LOT of bags and accessories on ASHARA stalls in Mahmood Saeed. Which was practically 50 footsteps away. Everything was within reach. There was a mall right in front of us, Mahmood Saeed when you cross the street, Alfao and Shaker grocery store on the right, a strip of clothes and carpet stalls on the left. Life there was never boring. I'd spend summer days laying down in my bed, talking on the phone for hours, watching my favorite movies, eating, watching the sunset... on days I'd invite my friends over we'd be popping popcorn, ordering pizza or chicken from Popeye's, laugh the day away while I'd cuddle with my ex-boyfriend and my Mom not minding. As I would always define it, it's a simple, extravagant lifestyle. And I will always...always miss it.

I owe half of my life to IPSJ. Some might have considered it shitty, but back then it wasn't. (Sigh) Those days that Mom would always have three sets on plans on how to wake me up, and how her last strategy would always work - by kissing me all over my face and then she'd tickle me. I miss those days ( I'm being a baby ). And when Tito Celso would pick me up and take us to school (Carpool), and I'd be late for the Flag Ceremony. The days when I'd wait for Ja by the stairs, and whenever he comes late (which is often), I'd always catch him peeking by the door in the middle of Physics. And how lunch is ALWAYS a favorite period, where most of us would hang-out in the Faculty room, and then to each other's classrooms, and head altogether to the cafeteria. When I'd ask 1 riyal from all my Kuyas. I miss that feeling of hating whenever that period was over. I miss being locked out of Mrs. Felizco's Trigo class. I miss everything about that school. How our bathroom is actually "CO-ED", where we all hang-out, sitting on the floor. Talking, Gossiping. And whenever we'd all feel bored, we'd make a way for the guard to let us out and we all head out to Leslie's. Watch, Cuddle, Eat a lot. My highschool life. It rocks.

My parents LOVE surprising me. They're all about it. Once, my mom told me we were going to fetch a friend of hers at the airport the next day. To my surprise, SHE got in the car. I cried in an instant! One similar incident was when they both showed up IN FRONT of Chi's dorm in Isabel. I then knew how it felt to be a daughter again. You know what I mean.

I never thought I missed Palawan, not until my last visit which was just last year. I paid my old school a visit. Not everything about Palawan was good. I meant my experiences. I just life back then since we had our own house built. And my friends... it's a LONG story.

My Pop and I are close in ways that Mom and I aren't. One word: SPOILING. My Dad is very good at that. He gives me the best gadgets. (snorts) but that's not why I love him. There were so many sacrifices, so many things he did for me. And I'd only know about it because Mummy would tell me. I remember back when he taught accounting in PSU in Palawan, he'd take me to the school's oval and we'd go jog. I miss riding in that red suzuki bike we had. Or whenever he would take me strolling around the park, taking me to bazaars...

I assume you'd think that this is the most drivel entry I've ever posted. But just typing all this... digging all these memories at the back of my brain...I enjoyed every part of it. And most of all, it made that passenger seat ride extra special, trying to stop myself from having a chuckle. Because that would make me look foolish. Not unless I shared all these thoughts with my Uncle while he was driving.