My Forbidden Euphoria.

We've all got to start fresh.

So long to my old blog. I've been blogging for over two years now, and it's just time to let go.

I've been having those moments when I just realize that life has just gotten better. Therefore lead me to the conclusion that I have to start anew - in terms of my space.

Apparently, my old blog has far more shit than I could handle. So here I am. This blog will be my "retreat".

Which translates to "This is where I will be hiding my ass".

I've been working on a new template for the past few days. Fresh, clean and simple. So...So long to my past, to my wall of vanity, and to all the bullshit I've been blogging about.

Or at least I think so.

What's important is, I'm doing this because I want to start anew.

Even if this looks like crap, I'm happy I finally got the courage to leave the past where it's supposed to be - in the past.

Enough of trying to make the past present.

It's time to face the future. The future that I never thought would get here. Guess I was just turning my back on it the whole time.

So, Hello future. Goodbye forbidden euphoria.