Rich people step on shit, too.

And not just rich! I mean, hot and pretty famous people.

People like Denise! See, Denise inspired me in so many things. I've been an avid reader of her blog. Her blog and Ala's inspired me to just keep things simple. Like this one. That's why I put them on the credits.

I was reading her reaaallly cool post about her list of things hot and not, and all of a sudden she gets bombarded by these people (1 anonymous and two very brave girls who left their names).

She said something about Kris Aquino not being hot. But she started off with saying NO OFFENSE. And for being Kris Aquino's cousin (she's a far relative, like 2nd, 3rd degree cousin. My Gramps and Ninoy Aquino were cousins), I wasn't offended in any way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And besides, seeing Kris...well, we all are aware that not everyone likes her, and the things she does. She knows that, but she still carries on with her life, which is what I love most about her. I never got to hang-out with her though. But Mom did. Waaay back when they were all in tights. Ick.

Anyways, I just got pretty shocked since Dee ALWAYS gets nice tags from bloghoppers. This is the first time I've seen a negative comment on her tagboard.
Oh, and... Bullish's blog rocks,too! He is such a kick-ass writer. I like the way his brain works. He's in the credits as well. People who have inspired me to make this blog better is in the list. Not that this is A kick-ass blog, know what I mean. I like people who write with humor. And everytime he writes goobledygook, he still makes sense! And only a few people can pull that off. So you can just imagine his talent. His posts never fails to make me crack.

Don't you just love blogging? So many unheard voices...and you can hear allof'em - just a click away. From one minute to another, you're witnessing life in someone else's pair of aviators. Aah. God bless technology.

I've gone too far from the subject. Everytime this happens, it means my brain cells are dying on me again. At least I'm not in the middle of Sir Rivera's exam or something. Because I would definitely bang my freakin' head on the wall 'til they all wake up and decide to help me not look stupid. Or sound stupid. Or write stupid.
Wait,I am writing stupid now. Boohoo. Sometimes I wanna ask my mother if she ever drank while I was in her belly. Maybe Mom's to blame. Or did I inherit this? But no one in the family is crazy. Maybe there is. Oh no. It can't me my Pop! No way. Or is it Gramma?

Ah, shut up Abbie. Damn you, brain cells!