Shitty Days.

I bet we all have gone through it.

You get out of bed, and just as soon as your eyes adjust to the light coming through your window, you get this feeling...

"Damn, this isn't good."

Could it be the way I got up? Should I have gotten up on my side, instead of the upright position, Should I have opened my eyes focusing on something else and not on the wall clock, Should I have thought of something better rather than wondering on what am I gonna be strutting down the Lake Avenue with?

And then you just can't keep up with your temper. Whether it's a boyfriend making a fool out of himself, or a Professor bugging you to delete YOUR files on YOUR PERSONAL Laptop to make way for this 60 second teaser she wants you to edit for her. (For free, and I'm not part of that organization, in which the teaser's meant for). Anyway, whatever triggers that nerve of yours, you just can't keep up. You lose control over yourself, and the next thing you know, you're throwing a fit. At anyone who is 5 inches away from you regardless of how pathetic and shallow the reasons are.

Shitty Days can be so... shitty. Shittier than you think.

Shitty Days are like...walking on roads covered with nothing but.. Shit.

Here I am ranting about my shitty day that's not even making sense.

Gawd, I need a life. Fortunately, I will be having one - again.
Look at me, I don't have a nightlife, it's been eons since I last saw my friends,the only person who actually knows that I exist is my boyfriend (I'm not complaining, Luv), and I barely go out by myself. But I guess that last part is a good thing.

On the lighter side of things, it has been confirmed, Thank God. I will be heading ta the Fabulous island of Boracay tentatively on the 6th.

Sigh. It's relieving to know I'm finally having time to unwind. I will be going there with my cousins, My Uncle and Aunt. And I just so CANNOT wait. Looks like there's gonna be a lot hap'nin on June. Aside from me hitting the BIG 19 (yes I consider that old. Damn, I don't wanna be 19 yet! It's too hard to accept), in which I will be going on a shop-til-you-drop mode.

BTW, My MP3 player's finally made it's way ta my hands. It's just an AN Mp3 player, it's THE Creative Zen Portable Media Center, where you can't just store songs, but videos and pictures as well. And the best part? 20 GB, baby! So far I made the right decision of picking this over an iPod mini. No offense ta MAC fans. I've already stored about 5 of my favorite episodes from Sex and the City's Season 4 (which a personal fave of mine).

Andrew finally managed ta appreciate it, and we've been watching it together for quite some time now. We just watched a coupl'a epis on my player at lunch.

I just hope this shitty day won't end that.

Another boring entry from a person with no life whatsoever. Damn.

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