Strangers can do you geeeeuuhd.

Ever had a time in your life when people you don't even know are the ones responsible for making you happy?

I've never experienced a day in my life, that people I meet in the street, share a jeepney ride with, stand in line at bread talk with,that nice lady at Stoked, and the security guard who opened the door for me at Starbucks...are the ones who'd brighten up my day. It's... indescribable. I wish I'd meet people as nice as they are every single time I drag my ass out of the house.

Erm, today...
I got my Media Ethics classcard. A whooping 3.75! (We use a different grading system. a 4 for us is a 1 for the atenistas. So, you do the calculating.) I got a 3.5 for both my term papers. Nice.

Sir Valerio and I were supposed to natter about the Da Vinci Code (I'm currently reading it now). But I slept at 4 A.M., got up lethargic at 10. I was whining about it. And being the slug that I am, left the house at 11 (which was the time we were supposed to meet Sir Valerio)...and you know what's next. That's why this line started with the word SUPPOSED.

I had a great time with Andrew. His friends were mocking him since he was wearing his trusty shorts and slippers ( and it eventually got broken, so I got him my pair of ancient furry flips - which was printed by the way...leopard. Haha. Had those since high school! )

Hold it! The helpless romantic wants to say something:

We were inseparable. If there weren't anyone around the canteen we'd make-out. Actually we wanted to. Common decency stopped us. (snorts)
Did you ever feel that way, when you hold on to that person that you just love so much... you seem to not wanna let go of that person, and I don't just mean physically. It's like you always want that part of yourself to be with him, and vice versa... And it's like, no matter how inane he looks, you still look at him like he's hands-down gorgeous. The way Andrew makes me feel... no one else could make me feel that way. I swear. (Damn, Abbie. In the name of all things cheesy!)
Just talking about him makes me melt.

I love that guy so much. (giggle)

Okay. I should stop before I pull off a Wicked Witch of the West melting scene. (Only nicer. I'm just green-minded, not a green woman.)

Wrapping things up...I was walking at Corte De Las Palmas skipping like a 'lil girl with a basketful of candy. In my case, my supply of Floss from Bread Talk, my Venti-sized Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks and a copy of Chalk's latest ish.

(I've noticed I've been spending a lot on Magazines. Mega, Preview, Seventeen, Meg, TeenVogue, etc. It's like living my froshie years again. I used to spend like, PHP700+ merely on the latest international magazines. Cosmogirl and Teenvogue has always been a favorite.)

Yeah. So I said I was wrapping things up. I wish I had another wrap of Floss.
And I wish I had Andrew right now. Nothing beats being next to him.

(And I remember that time we celebrated our Anniversary at White Beach in Galera. Nothing beats seeing him next to me first thing in the morning. Nothing beats having him carry me around like I'm a fragile 'lil newborn baby. Nothing beats him pulling up the covers for me. And nothing beats being in an island for three days, when we both were strangers to everybody there, somewhat having a world of our own. When it felt like we had each other...all to ourselves... Escaping the world. Sigh.)

Okay stop. I said I was wrapping things up. Strike 2.

I wish I had more days like this. Thank God for days like this.