Abbie : Comrade of the models.

Nah. Dream on, Abbie! I just can't come up with a title. (Snorts) Actually, the thing I love about blogging is that you get to be the voyeur that you've always wanted to be when it comes to showbiz personalities or models, or anything of that sort. Just to pick a piece of their brains or know how normal their lives are.

I'm a frequent reader of Ala's blog (Love her, love her entries..such a smart little girl), so I decided to check out her Friendster profile, and thankfully I found the REAL one (it's always easy to tell), she added me, accepted my friendster testimo and all that. As so you know, Ala is a penshoppe model, so she's connected with Lucy and Dawn and all that (Lucy Watmore's site rocks too. Ugh! Photoshop geeks. I wanna be one!), and I found Dawn's account in Ala's, and since she's like, one of the models I look up to in a way (She's only 15 and yet she's already started fulfilling her dreams), I decided to add her up and send her a message saying how pretty she is, how she inspires me and all that. So I wasn't expecting her to reply, but she just did! And that doesn't happen, like, ALL THE TIME!

She was really nice, she even wished me luck in my career (when I have one, *teehee*) and added "Maybe we'd get to work together sometime". Sweeet! And to think that it's really her (again, because it's always so easy to tell). I wish more models were like that. AND IF I ever get to be in the modeling industry, well...I'd be friends with people like Dawn. God bless her.

But I don't think I would even be at my own party. First is because I'm a loser. My schedule sucks because I have (yet again, another) semester filled with great Saturday classes, which ends at 7 P.M. That's it. My nightlife is DEAD. Second, Andrew isn't your typical par-tay boy. But I really do like the idea. Plus, Allan says he'd get everybody together. COOL. He just got back from HOME (states) and he was so bored sittin' on his ass all day, so he decided to text me. We were both so bummed out that we had nothing left to talk about but how funny it was that we totally had NOTHING to do but sit on our lazy asses.

And talk about bein' so friggin' excited about Boracay. I started packing today. Okay, I can't blame you if you suddenly burst into laughter.

Ja texted me today. One of the many things I'm thankful of is that I'm REALLY good friends wit my ex. That's the good thing about having a person as your friend FIRST before you find yourself in a relationship with him. At least your "relationship" isn't purely based on "love". Not that friendship isn't, but you know what I mean. Ja, if you ever get to read this, it's been 4 years you perv! We're gonna hafta do A LOT of catching up. Jeez.

One day (which I hope is tomorrow) I would be posting a lot more fun entries than these. I'm gonna be like "Whew! I just came from Embassy. Saw Tim Yap and took a pic wit him. Here, see this..."

HOW I WISH. Well, mark my words people. I WILL GET A LIFE! I owe it to you guys to post something... rather amusing. Hey, it's not my fault my life is this boring. Go censure my parents for not wanting to give their only daughter a car. Sometimes, don't you JUST hate being a girl?

Okay, I take that back.