Abbie is a used diaper.

According to my cousin, the little Ms. Danielle Chloie Abrogar, that is.

Would you believe, at the young age of 7, this girl watches Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie in A SIMPLE LIFE? She even uses the word "That's Hot!". I was like, "I love Paris!" and she's like, "I like Nicole". I told her that Nicole wasn't really such a nice girl to like. I guess she sees Nicole as a 7 year-old kid just trynna have some fun.

We were calling each other weird names. "Used Diaper, Toilet Bowl, Eyeball", are some of the words in our vocabulary last night. Joanne (my Aunt) says she could just see me in Chloie since we both have this attitude of being so HYPER.

And not to mention, at 10:00 today, Chloie became my instant ka-telebabad. We talked about her CD collection and Palawan. This smart little girl will be studying in Colegio de San Agustin (it's within Dasmarinas Village in Makati). She mumbles about how much she likes it there. So we talked about a LOT of stuff then I asked her what her sport was and she said "Badminton! I like swimming,too". Yeah, badminton. My 7 year-old cousin plays badminton. I am such a loser. (snorts) I remember this one time in Palawan, her cellphone was ringing, her bestfriend Bessy was in the other line, who happens to be asking her "out" to play badminton with her. And she answered (with her signature accent)..."But I can't today Bessy, I'm watching..."

I'm so proud of her. And I love hanging-out with her! She's that kid I can't wait to walk around in Greenbelt with. (LOL) Especially go shopping with. I guess even at seven, I wouldn't mind holding her hand and trotting around with her. She's not like most of "those" kids. My little Chloie here's got class. And she loves her Ate Abbie so much! (aww!)

So, yesterday... I got myself the Shu Uemura cleansing oil and an Origins white tea skin guardian. Tita Lyn made abono muna since my money din't arrive yet. It was about PHP 4,000 but it was worth it! I'll definitely be going back there on my birthday. Don't you just love Rustan's? I got these really cool 60's shades from People are People. I'ma go wear it on Bora. (snorts)

So, here are a few pics from this week:

My cousin Chi and I at the infamous food choices at Glorietta 4

She says she's watching so she can't look at the camra.

Cody in their condo in Magallanes.

This was back in their house in Palawan

Oh, this is me taken the other day. (lol)

OH, and before I forget: Happy Birthday Alfy! (He's Andrew's youngest brother) MWAH! I can tell that you'll grow up just like your big brother. You'll have an awful lot of "fans" as well. I wish we'd all spend more time together. Enjoy being a kid! It's fun! I sometimes find myself wishing I was still seven. With all the cool toys nowadays you just can't help it. Have fun, it's your day!

As for me... Life DOES rock. Wish me luck. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the rest of my life.
In the name of all things cheesy, I say : AMEN TO THAT! God bless me. I'm serious. Really.


  1. Used diaper amp.. Hahaha..

    You all look really cute. :)

    Camwhoring is THE BEST hobby ever. Hahaha.. TC Abbie.. You look reaaallly fab sa last pic... I can't wait to see that smile in the covers of MEG or CANDY or even COSMO!!! Haaayyy!!! I know you're up to something, so goodluck with it.

    Wag mo ko kalimutan pag sikat ka na or I'll kill you!!!!

  2. Hmm...the last picture looks like lucy liu :)

  3. (HONEY) Yes, it is girl! :D Thanks! Well, just pray for me girl.... MWAAAH!

    (JAY) Hey thanks, man. Was that a real compliment tho? haha. Kidding.