Celebrating nineteen years in boardshorts.

And I couldn't feel any more comf'table.

I'd like to blog about today but it's already past midnight, I just cried my eyes out and I have to look pretty for another shoot tomorrow.

Yes, you heard that right.

I have to skip my Saturday class for another Seventeen Shoot, this time at Sara Black's studio in Makati.

Unless you know who Sara Black is I don't think you'll be as amazed as I am the time I knew she would be taking our pictures. It's just so pathetic that I have all these marks from sandmite bites on my legs.

I felt so sorry I had to leave my huffle puff lumpy boopeedee bee oompkins at the dorms all by himself. I'm so sorry, baby.
And I'm sorry for making up another name again.

Denise also used the word ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY on her June 23 entry. I got that word from Mr. Big. (lol)

Jeez.I have aged another year.

Eighteen will always be "my most memorable age". Because everything started here.

So...as I jumped,hopped and skipped to a new chapter in my life, it just makes me feel a whole lot more excited and scared at the same time on what new trials I am about to face.

Today, I texted Andrew's mum this: Kahit po natutupad na yung mga pangarap ko, your son will always be my dream that came true.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I wouldn't be as happy as THIS without him sticking with me.

And OF COURSE - I will NEVER forget, ALL the people who were so good to me this year. And to all the people who were bad - I guess I'll just leave you with Christina's FIGHTER. It's one of my theme songs! I have that to thank you for.

To my family...instead of me treating them, they treated me to Don Hen today. Tita Lyn, Tito Panks...you guys ARE my second parents. I love you both so much. Thanks for making me feel like a REAL part of your family, your fourth daughter, and sharing all God's blessings with me. I love you guys.

I may not be filthy rich, but I guess there are things that make me a whole lot richer than Bill Gates.

...make that Imelda Marcos.

...okay, my next door neighbor.

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  1. hey...;) just bloghopping. i read ur last seventeen post. I saw the ad 2 and I wanted to join sooo badly... just didn't have the time 2 work on the essay b4 the deadline. neway, i wish u the best of luck. =) cheers! hope u make it.