Fans of my ass, gather around...

DON'T...get me wrong. This ain't one of my conceited entries.

FIRST OF ALL, a shout-out to my blog idol, MIKE - thanks for the code! No more biting for you, pathetic woosers! (Snaps for Lance for adding a new word in my vocab!) MIKE, YOU ROCK! Crackalackin'!!! LOL.

Okay, so...As we were walking on our way home from church, a bunch of deranged little kids were running after me. One of which kept shouting, "HOY!!!...PSST!". I didn't mind them, not until one of them (which happened to be a little boy) just went straight up my rear and put his hands on them just like when Drew Barrymore puts her handprints on that infamous Hollywood street.

I hate it when I see "Ms. Malice" possessed in little children. And to think that the older children (with him) didn't even say anything. They just laughed along...with my cousin, Maro (you freak!!! lol).

Was I supposed to do sumn about it? Thinking that he's JUST a little boy? Or am I making such a big deal out of this?

I may not be J.Lo, and I know there are far a lot more better asses than mine, but I love my rear so much. It's like, one of my prized possessions. Andrew loves these buns! (lol! Not that it's a joke. haha.) You'd get so lucky if you laid even just a finger...or your pinky, or the tip of your nail on this! (Damn, those arabs who harrassed me then are lucky!) If I were filthy rich I'd insure them.

No, that's just pathetic.
But honestly? Nothing feels better than loving your body. And feeling confident about it. The only thing I hate are these freakin' sandmite bites I got from Bora. I noticed that almost everyone in the airport at Caticlan has them. It's like, a souvenir from Boracay!

Okay, so moving on...before this turns into A conceited entry.

Just when things are starting to be great for you, problems come along with it!
Now, I'm just so tired of trying to be happy. And yes, I am excited about tomorrow. But knowing that your own boyfriend just ISN'T happy about you being there...and this might even result to something really bad.

GUYS... I have this question. If your girlfriend has always dreamt of being a model, and finally she gets the chance to pursue it... being the jealous type and all, would you consider asking her to choose between yourself and her dream, or would you totally support her, regardless of the attention you know she'll be getting? Would you even THINK about changing the way things are between you? Or would you THINK that what she's getting into would hurt you? Would you even THINK that the solution to not getting hurt is to lessen your love for her?

And in the first place? What's so BAD about being a model? What's so PAINFUL about your girlfriend pursuing her dreams?


I'm dazed here. Trapped. It's like being a claustrophobic and being stuck in an elevator.

If anyone could just explain this to me RIGHT NOW. Or else I'll end up in the asylum tomorrow, rather than Toto Labrador's studio. Rather than Seventeen's August Ish. Rather than MTV.

Yes, you heard it right. So if these are the things I'm getting into, is it THAT bad?

What to do? Choosing is bullsh*t.

Definitely. Can I just choke Andrew right now? And maybe shake him? Just a little bit? And maybe...bitchslap? Just a little... And maybe... kick his ass?


Is this bad I'm ranting about my boyfriend in my blog? When it's a public blog?
Ohwell. Better than suicide.


  1. i dont see anything wrong with ranting.. that little boy ha. :p

  2. itz on the august ish?? yeeyuh! i am soOo getting it!!! waaaaa hows the mtv shooting? when is it comin out on tv? get george to record it!

    lancy advice: get season 2,3,4 or 1[but i havnt seen that one] of america's top model and let Andrew watch it! 2is the best cuz i never saw anybody so happy to win like that! the other 2 cried too but it wasnt as dramatic.. =) really i soOo get a better understanding of models when i watch. =)

  3. havin a gf livin in celebreality is.. pretty heavy.. aside from the feeling of insecurity [wc andrew would have atleast a lil of] .. theres also the feeling of pride.. what guy would really want to share his gurl to the world? [unless youre a celebrity too hehe] ...and worry/care.. doesnt want anything bad happenin to you..

    ..but its usually either the pride thing or insecurity =)