Miss Boracay 2005

HAH! I know what shot up right in your heads the first time you read that.
I won a Boracay Pageant?


The most fun part about blogging is coming up with a title to your entry. It's just like writing a headline for a local newspaper. It somewhat has to be catchy, something that might interest their readers. Thinking of a title for your entry is always challenging to me.

Miss Boracay 2005 is the first drink I've had in months. It's a mix of Kahlua, Bailey's, Whiskey and Hershey's Choclit Syrup! I was supposed to order a Cosmo, but I've ALWAYS had Cosmo whenever I felt like drinking. So I decided to try something new. And THIS is something new.

But me getting RED in the middle of my drink IS NOT new. That is SO me. I'm a loser, I told you. I'm not like y'all hardcore socialite people that can party hard. I didn't mean it the way it sounds. If you only knew I've been trying to turn myself into that for the longest time. Well, I guess you can just blame it on the genes. You guys are lucky.

So, Boracay was GREAT. Mike was absolutely right. It IS heaven on earth! We stayed at this really...chic place. Actually, I'm too tired to share everything right now, or post pictures for that matter. But I have one thing that I'd like y'all to hear.

After this incident I came up with one thought. It was a runner-up for this entry's title.

Abbie : Reyna ng mga inday.

It's funny, that when you see an American guy, he always his chimay looking girl walking in hand with him. ( Watch out, Karma! ) But really. I've always thought that when it came to Filipina women, the Americans seem to be picking all the wrong ones. Their idea of EXOTIC is totally diverse. Who started this trend anyway?

So...we just came from Jonah's, and we were on our way to D'Mall, got a henna tat ( I hate it ) and then came across a group of American guys, who (if I weren't mistaken) were checking me out. I even caught two of them pointing at me. You might think I'm being boastful about this. But honestly, I'm not flattered. Well, thanfkul that they appreciated me, maybe.

If they were these Chad Micheal Murray typ'a crowd then maybe I'd like it ( what a byotch ) but these were pretty old guys. No, they didn't have 9 month old tummies. But the idea that these men, men their age like "exotic" filipinas....

...is there something to be excited about?

Or should I just be happy that I somehow get to be in my very own Queendom? Bleak. What am I talking about? Four American guys for crying out loud!

Oh, and btw...

Today I finally made my dreams come true. This is probably the cheesiest entry ever.

God made it happen. He did. He heard me, and he granted me my wish.
Just a week ago, I said sumn like getting a call that might, and partly have changed my life. Well now...I'm saying that it did.

Yes, it DID.

Thank you, Sir Valerio. Honey. Choel. Ja. Sir Rivera. Lance. Andrew..
YOU GUYS. You guys made me believe in myself. Made me believe in my abilities. In the things that I can do. That I can accomplish. For appreciating me for who I really am. This might not seem like a big deal to any of you. But for the people who know me, know that it is for me.

I GOT IN. I'M ONE OF THE TWELVE. I'm one of the lucky, final 12.

I don't wanna spill the beans yet, but... You'll see me.

Oh, you'll see me.

Can I just faint, like...right now?