Naked on top of the city.

One thing I loved most about Sara Black's studio was that it was on the eleventh floor. Her dressing area was right in front of the window where you could practically see the whole world - while you were stripping.

I've never felt so free in my entire life. Like, for a second I didn't care about a thing - just the fact that I was in my underwear...on top of the whole world. And no one could see me.

In less than a minute I was able to change into the clothes Ate Trish handed me. Since I said my "tummy" was my best asset, I was assigned to wear guessed it right. AND low-rise jeans.

It took me about more than 30 minutes to get ready. Including hair, make-up ... and the time we spent on "clipping". This time, even my sleeves were clipped.

Sara Black was pretty comf'table to work with. She gave me this vibe that I can be myself on the set - on which I stayed on in less than 5 minutes.

My favorite part was when she required us to giggle. She giggled along with us, too.
She was like, "Okay, now I need you to laugh. Don't worry, I'll laugh along with you...okay, say..hahahaha! C'mon!"...

It became a trend afterwards. Behind the scenes when we'd take pictures in our cellphones and digicams, we'd say "hahahahaha".

Nice one Camz. You started that trend.

Okay, so Toto Labrador's photos will appear on the August Issue. Sara Black's will appear on September... Hmm.. I wonder who'll be assigned for October... Xander Angeles? Wawi Navarroza? Herb Ritz? HOW I WISH!


I'm happy to say she's back, guys. I believe so. Miss-I-was-born-to-ruin-your-life IS BACK! I think that's who LEMAQUETTE is. Tss.

You know what? I'ma go quote my dear friend Honey on this...
FEEL FREE TO LOVE AND HATE ME, my friend. Like I said...hate me? I still get the credit. I believe in KARMA! And I know one day it's gonna backfire on you. Life will hit you hard. You're gonna get bitchslapped and YOU won't like it! Believe me.

But if you must, go ahead... sa bagay... bad people are numb when it comes to karma. As they all say..."masamang damo eh."

Yeah. Malabo nga na kunin ka ni Lord.

Okay then. Abbie wishes you THE best of luck. As for me... life must go on. That includes the camera. AND THE ATTENTION! Whether it's good, bad, unwanted, wanted...whatever!

The spotlight's on you now. LIVE WITH IT.

Haha. It's on me. And I love it. So thank you, for giving me attention. No matter how much you hate me, you think I'm worth your time.

*evil grin*