Old man dies, young girl lives... Fair fight.

ALL HAIL FRANK MILLER. I say, ALL HAIL FRANK MILLER! (Yeah. all caps and bold letters combined, and still it doesn't really tell how much this movie is a must-see). SIN CITY IS ONE HELLUVA KICK-ASS MOVIE (Yes, that too. And emphasis on KICK-ASS). Kudos to his co-director Robert Rodriguez and THE Quentin Tarantino as well for partly directing this movie. And to all the drool-worthy actors and actresses in it. (Josh Hartnett, YOU WERE SIZZLING. I love that deep, cold voice o'yers. Jessica Alba would've made guys sweat. So as Rosario Dawson and Jaime King. Clive Owen...was so SEXY! And how could I forget DEVON AOKI? She rocks! Benicio Del Toro was okay...so as Elijah Wood. I loved Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis, well...what do you expect? He's always GOOD). I loved that the movie was in black and white, and the only color that you could see was the blood, and the color of their eyes and hair sometimes. And how artistic the movie was made, like when the entire background goes black, and the silhouttes of the actors are white... (GAAAH!) It's definitely a MUST MUST MUST see. Paying a hundred and thirty bucks was definitely...DEFINITELY worth it!!!

Make sure you have your hankies handy. You'll sweat seeing Jess dance her ass off.

Did I just plug a movie? Oh well.

Erm, today...
...was one of the best days of my life! I had so much fun. Choel and I last saw each other last year. Eons ago. So we decided to meet up at Glorietta (shmuck!) today. Thankfully, he was hardly 5 minutes late. We ate at Tender Bob's, and both dragged our asses to watch SIN CITY ( I better stop mentioning it because then I won't be able to stop talking about it.) afterwards we went to U where I checked out some of their new stuff, sniffin' around if I were to buy anything there on my birthday (snorts) in which I did. (Can you say, FCUK?) I adored Wahine's swimwear but I already had my eyes fixed on Billabong. Then we went to good 'ol Starbucks(Talk about being in Poserville. Jeez). And then headed for Greenbelt. When I go shopping, I am definitely going to spend time in Greenbelt. Firma, Sifra, Prima Italia... Lush had better stuff there than their branch in Glorietta 4. We passed by Powerbooks where I wanted to buy THE DA VINCI CODE (with illustration! PHP 1300+, not bad for a hard-bound, illustrated book..not to mention a best-seller and a must-read)...

We were inside Greenbelt 3 when we passed by Kitchie Nadal. Choel had this HUGE crush on her. Usually when I see a showbiz personality (that I really like) I'd just shrug the idea of asking for a picture taken together off. This time though, I din't know what came over me that I actually said " C'mon let's follow her! " And we did. She was prettier in person. Short, but she was white! And simple too. I love how they could pull off that I-don't-fix-my-hair-so-bug-off look. After we were done stalking (because it would've been weird if we followed her all the way to Greenbelt 2), here comes THE Sarah Meier (I have so much respect for this girl), I din't expect being an MTV VJ would actually make you "grow" eyebags. It's the first thing you'd actually notice. I could've been observing what she was wearing (because she's considered one of THE fasyon gurus by... me.) but I was distracted by her HEIGHT. Talk about being 6 feet tall. That and the fact that she had dark 180 degree like circles under her eyes. But inspite of all that,she still looked pretty. I din't even manage to see if who was she with.
And so we toddled, toddled, toddled until I found myself in front of TEMPLE. Damn! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to TEMPLE ( and Embassy, and Peligro, and Club V ... I realized I din't need a life. I needed a NIGHT LIFE. I'm turning 19 for chrissake! I wanna go PAR-TAY! ). It felt like I was glued right in front of the entrance.

Usually I'd buy a CD when I practically heard almost all of the artists' tracks. But I don't do that anymore. I buy CD's all because I like this ONE SONG. (Thanks for letting me, Mum!) J.Lo's Rebirth, Tori Amos' The Beekeeper, Hale's self titled album, Stereophonics' Language..Sex..Violence..Other? and Missy Higgins' The Sound of White. Lucky if some of my friends have 'em, I'll simply borrow them and burn it! Like Gwen's Love..Angel..Music..Baby, My Chemical Romance, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever to tell... I'd like to buy Cynthia Alexander's album, The Beach and In Good Company's OST! Oh, and a few of The Beatles' albums. Strawberry Fields is one of my favorite songs. Hello, I used to listen to it when I was like, seven!... (Bursts into song).." Let me take you down, 'coz I'm going to...Strawberry Fields..." (LOL)

I've only seen Missy Higgins' video on MTV twice. But I love her already. So when I scanned through her tracks, I din't hesitate on buying her album. Her music definitely puts you in a very solemn mood. It's her album that I plan to play on my MP3 player while I'm sitting in Boracay's white sand watching the sunset. Reflecting on my life. I love how music can do that to you. I know this summer isn't over yet, but I'd say this is the best that I had.

...People always say not to take life seriously. But I guess you should, in a different context. I always want each day I spend in this life to be extra special. I always try to make ways, even little ways just so I could say that this day is not wasted. I always try to see the bright side of things. I try not to make this small sablay a big issue. Think again, you don't need to have Cancer, or HIV just to realize how important your life is. So do something about your life if all you do is sit on your lazy ass!

...I always told myself that when I have my own children, I'd dress them up in Guess Kids and Ralph Lauren outfits. I don't want my baby to look gusgusin! And I'm going to teach them manners. I don't want my kids to be running around and screaming in Church while the Priest gives his homily. No, I don't want them to be maarte. I just want them to be like me. My Mom would always tell me how well-mannered I was when I was a todd. I did scream and run around all the time, but it was always at the right place. I also saw these uber cute Havaianas flips for kids at U today. Jeez, children of today are very lucky. Okay, this part of the post is pretty much nonsense. Just felt like saying all that. (snorts) Gaah! This means my brain cells are dying on me again!

Choel and I had so much fun, even if all we did was toddle and natter. Nothing beats being with an old friend. People just never understood me for being so close with my guyfriends. They all think that I flirt with my guyfriends. But I guess my mother just raised me as someone who doesn't put much malicious thoughts in her head. I'm a very liberal and open-minded person. All I know is that me loving my guyfriends, well...nothing's wrong with that! We never took advantage of our friendship, we never crossed each other's line, and I'm glad my boyfriend understands and trusts me having so much guyfriends. Besides, even if I get misunderstood, I always try to explain how I am to him. He doesn't really get ME yet but he'll get there.

To Choel - thanks for today and for showing up on time. You're one of the best guyfriends ever, and I'm glad we got to keep our friendship going on like this. Thanks for not forgetting to call me at home (just like the old days in Jeddah where we spent HOURS chatting, chatting, chatting...), making me feel like not all things change. And the cliche - for always being there for me. Luvya, Cupcake! (snorts) Ick. Cupcake. Why the hell did we come up with calling each other that back in third year?

I'm turning 19 in 23 days. Ick. No, make that double ick!